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Jul 18, 2007 10:45 PM

40th Bday: In Mexico City

I'm not handling aging very well. Will be in Mexico City for the big 40 next month and I'm torn about which restaurant to celebrate my big CUMPLEANOS. Is it Izote or Aguila y Sol or Pujol??? Please provide input.

Haven't been to EL DF in about 10 years...totally out of it. There will be about 10 in our party so I don't know if a private room should be requested... I'm in the dark...


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  1. I think you must be aging pretty well to invite 10 to dine at the finest places in DF :)

    I haven't been to Pujol, yet. As for Izote, it doesn't have a particulary festive atmosphere. I would rather party at A&S; they did have a nice room at the last location - I haven't been since they moved down the street, but expect it would have the same level of attention to design.

    Another place you might consider is Taberna del Leon, whose decor is more along lines of a colonial, elegant and comfortable home rather than hip/edgey, and the food/wine/service is also a bit more mainstream but really, really good. A meal there should always be combined with visits to the Soumiya art collection, and to ToutChocolat (

    Felicidades por su cumpleanos y buen provecho!

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        Mybe for something really festive, authentic, yummy, instead of fancy dinner seriously consider lunch at El Bajio. You can reserve a large table in advance, it is near Polanco, on Avenida Cuitlahuac. Arrive around 1.30 pm for lunch , with live music, amazing daily specials, and excellent carnitas, aguas frescas, gorditas petroleras. They have been around for 35 years or so... Family operated Recently written about on NY times and CNN
        paste this on your browser,

        Felicidades! you are finally entering the 40's comfort zone

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          Will definitely try it. I'll report back with my 2 cents.


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        New location is not as pretty because of the lighting, but I still think most festive of the three.

      3. If you can read spanish you should go to

        A restaurant guide with addresses, telephones and online reservation options for those participating.

        Aguila y Sol would be my choice for a party but reservations are a must. Tel.: (52-55 for international dialing) 5281 - 8354. It is large, not as serious an atmosphere as Pujol and not as crowded as Izote. They even have private dining areas but then you'd be away from all that makes Aguila y Sol a party in and of itself.

        Happy 40th.

        1. Hi Folks:

          Just wanted to report back on my 40th birthday dinner. Thanx to all of your postings I decided on Aguila y Sol. Had a FABULOUS dinner that EVERYONE enjoyed (including my 7 and 4 year old boys). The food was outstanding, appealing and innovative.

          The service was exceptional (the kitchen even came up with specifically designed dishes for my boys; gorditas de queso for my 4 year old and bistec (finely chopped) for my seven year old.

          I'm still day-dreaming about the fideo and the duck in mole. WOW! Great way to bring in a new decade.

          I do agree with a post below regarding the poor lighting -- but a MUST next time you're in the D.F.

          Cheers! Salud!

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            If this were your 50th birthday you wouldn't complain about the poor lighting....