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Jul 18, 2007 09:29 PM

Catering twins first bday party in oc

We are celebrating our twin boys first bday by the lake in Irvine and are looking for a caterer or restaurant to provide food for about 35-40 people.Nothing too fancy but interesting and something we will remember when the boys are older.Mexican,Italian,Middle eastern or the like.An LA caterer is fine if they will travel.

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  1. How about Taco Factory? They did our friend's party. They cook meats there and make tacos and there is chips, rice and beans.

    1. I just used a taco caterer out of LA for a July 3 pool party in Santa Ana. I found them right here from another Hound-- and they were simply fantastic on all counts. Friendly, honest, accomodating... oh yeah, the tacos (3 kinds) and salsas were fab and so fresh. Oh, they were cheap for feeding our crowd of 25. I would have gladly paid more (so a big tip was in order). Supplied plates/napkins, etc.

      Don't know if Irvine Lake has restrictions for outside catering/grilling/alchohol.

      "TU TACOS"

      They charge a 35.00 traveling fee outside of 20 miles.