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Alternative to Auberge du Pommier?

I was going to make a reservations at Auberge du Pommier for July 31st. The lady on the phone told me starting from July 29, they will be closing for 5 weeks for renovation, up till Sept 2. I am wonder if anyone would recommend something similar in terms of quality of food and the price range. French cuisine is preferred. Thanks guys!

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  1. Splendido, Scaramouche or George

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      I wouldn't describe any of those restos as French per se.


    2. How about Bistro 990, La Maquette?

      1. Celestin on Mount Pleaseant

        1. can't go wrong with Celestin or Scaramouche, but also consider Amuse-Bouche

          1. After reading all your replies, I decided to give Celestin a try. There must be some renovations trend going on. They will also be closed started on July 29th.

            Scaramouche seems like a good choice too, but I would love if they have foie gras on their menu. Have anyone tried Bistro & Bakery Thuet? Is it worth a shot?

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              I think Bistro and Bakery Thuet is going to be much more casual than what you are looking for (unless you are thinking of Thuet, the original, fancier restaurant). If you meant Thuet, I wouldn't recommend it as a sub for Auberge, unless you're looking for uneven service and the possibility of Bianca yelling at some of the staff.

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                Lol, I think you mean Biana...not Bianca. And yes, she is a hoot to watch!

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                  Yes! I knew I had her name wrong... she does provide some dinner theatre, but it's sometimes too painful and certainly very distracting.

            2. Go for Thuet, I eat there regularly and have heard little yelling !!..Lots of great foie gras on the menu!!

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                Go for Scaramouche, with or without foie gras, it's excellent. Service is top notch and so is the food.

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                  I just checked the Scaramouche menu, and they still have the fantastic "duck three ways" app that I remember from last summer. That's the only foie gras they list. But it's still much closer to the overall Auberge du Pommier experience than Thuet.

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                    I tried the duck three way main course but is a bit disappointed, the taste is bland and foie gras does not really stand out. But like their tuna three way appetizer and fish soup a lots !

              2. CĂ©lestin is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful but since it is closed I would go with Amuse Bouche... I would never go back to Thuet after two horrible experiences.

                1. Do you want someplace that serves french or someplace that charges WAY TOO MUCH for the food?
                  Under the is french & serves french & is in the neighbourhood:
                  a) Pourquoi Pas
                  b) Le Montmartre
                  c) Chez Laurent
                  All at prices 1/2 of Auberge & food twice as authentic? These are all owner operator (somes like a trucker?) restaurants providing great bistro fair.

                  1. Thanks everyone for all the suggestions. We will be going to Scaramouche and have brought a wine in advance ($30 corkage fee is quite decent) for decanting. I will update everyone on our experience after the dinner. Thanks guys!!

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                      Good decision. You will enjoy. I understand they are featuring a sustainable seafood menu for the next 2 months. We are planning to go in August and were just talking about bringing a 1995 Grand Dame so good to know corkage fee. Thanks Dakidd.