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Jul 18, 2007 08:16 PM

Weekday lunch on the westside?

Looking for good weekday lunch options in/around West LA. I'm generally familiar with food options in the area, but I am rarely there around lunch time. So I was wondering if any place has a great lunch menu, or maybe there is a restaurant that is expensive for dinner but is a great value for lunch? For instance, I know that Joe's in Venice has a great lunch deal, as does Lilly's next door, but I'm looking for something new. I've also heard that some sushi places have great weekday lunch deals, but I don't know any specifics. So I would love your recs for great weekday lunches on the westside that are also a good value (doesn't have to be cheap, but someplace where you get a great meal for the price).

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  1. Are you looking specifically in the Venice area (as you mentioned Joe's and Lilly's)?

    If not, I suggest Nook on Santa Monica Blvd, Il Grano (the deli side) also on Santa Monica (around Butler) or any number of lunch specials at Kiriko on Sawtelle.

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      Depends upon where your "lunch radius" extends...
      Cafe Brazil
      The Hump
      Nawab of India
      Buon Giorno
      Il Forno
      Newsroom Cafe
      Dragon Palace [3.95 specials...]
      Fritto Misto
      Thai Dishes (on Wilshire)
      Le Petit Cafe
      Amelia's on Main
      Tudor House
      Il Moro
      Tacos Por Favor
      Sawtelle restaurants
      Gaby's Mediterranean
      Tender Greens
      Bay Cities

    2. Aroma Cafe

      Aroma Cafe
      2530 Overland Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90064

      1. I posted this last night but it was deleted for some reason. Anyway, I'd vote for 3 Square on Abbott Kinney.

        1. What your looking for is harder to find these days as the economy is still relatively good.

          Way-Back Machine ~ After the L.A. Real Estate peaked in 1989 it had a big nose dive that by 1992-93 the fancier restaurants around town had a hard time attracting customers. So, some began offering some good deals. Example - Michaels in Santa Monica had a $15 three course lunch that was just heavenly sitting under a warm sun on their patio. That same lunch is $50 today (14 + 24 + 12 =).

          Boa - Steakhouse - Santa Monica - Very expensive ($$$$ {*}) restaurant; however, on their lunch menu they have 8 gourmet(?) Sandwiches between $11 to $18, some with sides, which just might be enough.

          Manpuku - Japanese take on Korean BBQ? - WLA - Having dinner there can add up pretty fast; however, they have a Japanese BBQ lunch special for $12.95 (menu PDF file):

          Chez Jay - Funky-Beach-Dive Bar/Resto - Santa Monica ~ Your question reminded me that their old-style, well everything there is old-style, Seafood salad with 1,000 Island dressing was a great deal 10 years ago the last time I had it. At $11.75 now, assuming nothing has changed (and that place is all about "NOT" changing anything!), it still would be:

          Chinois - Cal/French/Asian - Santa Monica ~ The only way this place gets affordable is to split dishes between several people. Example - 4 dishes, 3 people, one being the duck fried rice at $9.50 which is great for aborbing the sauces from the other 3 and pleasantly fills one up. If you order intelligently, you could get out the door for about $22 per person food only. A must-go-to at least once in your life time restaurant (sit at the counter):

          Michela - Neuvo Vietnamese - Near Cedars Sinai (streching the bondries of the Westside farther East than one should) ~ Good luncheon Specials - 6 for $8.95:

          The Obvious - There's all kinds of ethic luncheon specials all over the place. Example - Nepali lunch buffet @ $6.99 (most lunch buffets usually aren't that good though):

          But, the way I read your question, that's not what your're really asking for.

          (*) Capo = $$$$$, Urasawa = $$$$$$.

          1. You can't go wrong with Joe's. My favorite lunch place on the West side.

            The Counter is your best option if you're looking for burgers.

            Bizou (located in the Water Garden in Santa Monica) is also nice if you're looking for something a little more formal. I make reservations there whenever I take someone on a lunch interview. I wouldn't recommend the beef dishes, though. Try the carrot and rosemary soup for a starter, yum.