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Jul 18, 2007 07:55 PM

SF Costco duck confit alert

Just got back from Costco on 10th Street and today they have the following items in the chiller cabinets which I've never seen before:

Grimaud Farms fully cooked duck confit (two legs per package) 12 oz for $7.99.
Grimaud Farms fully cooked smoked muscovy duck breast (1 large per package) 12 oz $7.99.
Campofrio Sliced Serrano Ham 10.5oz $11.49.
Cubed pancetta 12oz $5.99.
Kirkland Wild Alaskan smoked sockeye with no preservatives or artificial color $11.99/lb.

If you're looking for the duck, be aware it's around the corner to the right, past the produce.

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  1. The duck confit is a great cheap item to have in the fridge. I've picked it (and the smoked breast) up at the Richmond Costco.

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    1. re: lexdevil

      Danville Costco has original Parma proscutto (whole legs) for $8.59/lb.....awsome deal and also sliced Jamon Serrano (Campofrio)....not bad at ~$11.50/10 oz.....during the weekend they also had wild Mexican shrimp (U-6/8)...4 lb for $29.90...

    2. Anyone know if I can find the duck at Santa Rosa Costco?

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      1. re: canard

        I don't know about the Santa Rosa Costco, but I was at the Costco in Rohnert Park yesterday and saw the confit there.

      2. I saw the Grimaud confit at the Richmond store today, $8.69 per pound (the package I looked at was just short of a pound).

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        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          I have been making confit for years, and find the Grimaud legs a good buy. At $3.15 lb for Liberty duck legs, after shrinkage $8.00 lb is a good price. They also keep well refrigerated.

        2. I've bought the duck confit at Costco in the past and it heats up beautifully with a lovely flavor.

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          1. re: Discerning1

            Laziest tasty dish in the world is that confit w/ the pre-cooked lentils from the cold case at Trader Joe's.