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Jul 18, 2007 07:53 PM

Fort Worth - 30th birthday dinner, help!

Hey all!

I am from NYC, and planning my husband's 30th birthday weekend in Fort Worth this August. I am having a hard time figuring out where to have the dinner as it's difficult to gauge from sparse online reviews. We will be celebrating a Friday night dinner with 14-17 of our family/friends (all ages), and I cannot find a place! And since it's my new hubby's 30th, and I'm hosting for family members on his side, I really don't want to risk having a bad experience. I've asked some cousins for suggestions, and was directed to Pizzeria Uno (um, please help!).

So far I have found Taverna (Italian) and Reata (Western). Does anyone know anything about either of these places? I am thinking Italian might be a good choice since there are some vegetarians in the group. But I am open to anything worth checking out in Fort Worth. These seem a little pricey for Texas, no?

Can anyone recommend a delicious Italian spot that isn't overpriced? Or any restaurant that has a fun vibe, and amazing, not-overpriced food? Maybe not Tex-Mex since there is a BBQ planned for Saturday, and Sunday am, I am planning Blue Mesa Grill for Sunday brunch.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!


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    1. Reata is REALLY nice western cusine and steaks. I adore their tenderloin tamales! You really can't go wrong here. Be sure and make a reservation and tell them it is a special occasion.

      1. Both of my recommendations are in the southwest Fort Worth Cityview area.

        Bonnell's Texas Cuisine offers innovative Texas food with some wild game selections every night. It's a gourmet steakhouse that's far more elegant than rustic.Reservations would be essential. It's on the north side of 820 and Bryant Irvin Road.

        Not so expensive;
        Szechuan Chinese across the interstate is a very elegant, authentic Chineses restaurant. They've got an upstairs balcony you can reserve for large parties. It's incredible chinese food with incredible decor and incredible service. Call them if you want to reserve the balcony.
        They're at the northeast tip of the Cityview Center.

        - Jeremy

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          I think Lanny's may be the best restaurant in all of DFW. I've been several times and I've never thought that it was anything less than spectacular.

          The only issue is whether or not they can seat a party that large.

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