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Jul 18, 2007 07:23 PM

Sweet little dive in Aynor SC

Gore's Bar-B-Que & Country Kitchen.

Stopped in today after finishing some business in Aynor. Sadly, arrived at 3:00 and they were preparing to leave. But Mr. Gore fixed me a BBQ sandwich and Mrs. Gore poured me a glass of tea - and at the height of good old Southern Hospitality it was all on the house.

I had to use both hands to hold the sandwich and still some meat escaped the bun; there was enough piled on to make three sandwiches! Vinegar/pepper based but not too hot. Smoke flavor shone through.

Mrs. Gore rattled off a long list of comfort food they have on their menu and added that tomorrow she was also serving pig tails because some of the local Mexicans had requested it. Mr. Gore chatted away, obviously happy with his success.

They've been in operation for twelve years.

Don't let the very rustic exterior dissuade you. Try it! I will go out of my way to return.

Gore's Bar-B-Que & Country Kitchen. 818 N. Main Street in Aynor SC.
Open for lunch M-Sat says Edward Gore, owner and cook. Close at 2:00.

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  1. Awesome. That sounds good enough to make a special trip for. My family has been good friends with the Ward's for years. They own the large produce stand in Aynor. Next time you are driving through (slowly or you WILL get a ticket) stop by and get some boiled peanuts or good tomatoes.