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Jul 18, 2007 06:23 PM

Anyone know whats going on with "Kingston" in Downtown Crossing?


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  1. What do you mean? What have you noticed?

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    1. re: lissy

      Well I know I read that it supposed to open in Mid August but I walked by the restaurant on Kingston near JJ Foleys and there is nothing there, I dont understand.

      1. re: thericker

        Last I heard, it's now scheduled for a mid-September opening.

    2. Is this the same Kingston that is the new location of the old Kingston Deli?

      Never went in to the Kingston Deli. Was it anything special?

      1. Now called Kingston Station, the website says they open this coming Monday, 9/17.

        1. According to the new "Improper", it will serve "an American-inspired menu (with entrees priced at $30 or less) and will be open for lunch on weekdays and for dinner Monday through Saturday" and will open in mid-Sept.

          1. Kingston Station is going into the old Peking Tom's space on Kingston Street.

            I won't miss Peking Tom's: overpriced American Chinese food a couple of blocks from cheap, excellent, real Chinese food, and crummy Polynesian cocktails, like a saccharine version of a Scorpion Bowl. I guess it ended up functioning more like a nightclub than a real restaurant, and those always have a short shelf life in this town.

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            1. re: MC Slim JB

              Space looks almost complete, they are just missing banquettes...I hear they will open Tuesday..

              I did attend a pre-opening event in the space. Food that we tasted was really good, exceptional shrimp and Scallops. While I didn't get to try them I hear the pomme fites are killer. It looks very promising. I will write a full report next week.

              1. re: gardgen

                Had dinner at Kingston Station last week and everything we had was great. Started with scallops over risotto which was incredible...the two went great together and the scallops had a nice soft texture. I had the organic chicken and my girlfriend had the papperdelle pasta...the chicken was a nice portion cooked just right and the pappardelle was simple but delicious. I also did a side order of the frites...a must order at this place in my opinion!