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Jul 18, 2007 06:01 PM

Real Farms Near Philly

I recently returned to Philly after a year and a half in Lower Slower Delaware. There I fell in love with a small working farm by the name of Filasky's run by John and Cindy Filasky. They have the best corn and tomatoes anywhere and they carry things grown by other local farmers in Delaware and Maryland. John knows everything about what he sells and is very approachable. I want to find a similar treasure in or around Philly. Any suggestions? I hit the Greensgrow farm in Kensington and it is awesome for an urban farm, but they only sell two days per week. I would appreciate any help. Thanks!

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  1. Russo's and Conte's in Tabernacle. About a 30 minute ride from Philadelphia, just past Medford. Conte's has a large selection of their own grown produce, and some some things from other farmers. They also have lots of things you can pick yourself, like peaches, berries, etc. I like this place alot. Might be a nice weekend day trip.
    I've also been to Shady Brook farm in Newtown; more of a 'store' imo than what I would consider a real farm market. They have a bit of everything, including a deli at the farm.
    Here's a link I found to some PA farm markets.

    1. I buy a good amount of corn and other items at Maple is right behind the Plymouth Meeting Mall...a couple minutes from Germantown Pike. They have a great selection of fruits and vegies.

      Maple Acres Farm
      2656 Narcissa Rd.

      1. There was another board at about a farm in Telford that still sells raw milk as well as cheese, meat, etc. It is on my list of places to go but haven't had the chance, yet. Hopefully, it may be of interest to you.

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          Yep, Hendricks Farm is awesome. Mostly dairy and grassfed meat, but this time of year they also carry some organic produce grown right in front of the store.Make sure you check out the robotic milker, it's definitely the highlight of the visit.

          1. re: semmen

            I very much enjoyed my visit there. The place is immaculate, and they even make unpasturized cheese.

            I will return. My only complaint is that I found the cheeses to be good but not great. All were too salty and didn't have the complexity I was hoping for.

        2. Although from what I can remember, they don't offer fruits and veggies, if you're looking for some really good HOMEMADE ice cream and fresh dairyand a round of mini-golf, try Freddy Hill Farms in Lansdale, PA.

          1. Blooming Glen in Bucks County is worth the beautiful drive up there. About a mile away on Rt. 113 is Bolton's Turkey Farm.
            Blooming Glen participates at the Headhouse Market.