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Jul 18, 2007 05:22 PM

Best French food in Arl/Alex/FC

Taking my son and friends out to dinner -- his choice French cuisine. Chez Andree was a suggestion. Any comments on this choice or other places. Thanks Chows!

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  1. This is NOT a recent rec, but I would say La Bergerie in Old Town is probably your best bet.

    1. Chez Andrée is just plain good. Maybe best described as French-American comfort food. It will never be in the same league as Lepic or Montmartre and doesn't have to be. You can have a drink at the bar or liver and onions. Daily specials. Homey French desserts. A hidden gem with great prices.

      Chez Andree Restaurant
      10 E Glebe Rd, Alexandria, VA 22305

      1. La Bergerie for high end. Pehaps La Refuge for a smaller, less upscale. La Gaulois is not worth visitng. Bistrot Lafayette fo rmore casual still--obviosuly bistro food. In Arlingon/Falls Chuch, you might consider La Cote D'Or; they have both a bistro and a more upsclae side. I have never bee nto Chez Andee so I can't compare any of these to that.