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Jul 18, 2007 05:19 PM

Bacon... on the bbq???

Who doesn't love a good homemade bacon cheeseburger? However frying bacon annoys me, microwaving tastes odd to me and it's too hot to bake it.

I was thinking... can I make bacon on the grill? What do you think? Lay strips on the grill and start grease fire? Lay foil down and "fry" on top of that? Any thoughts?

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    1. re: Alan408

      oven is a great way and my preferred method.

      grill=charred bacon and fire

      1. re: SeanT

        I prefer the oven also. However, please see my original post.

    2. indeed you can.. Mr Goddess loves to make eggs and bacon brunch on The Barbie (note use of capitals to indicate its importance in his life)

      Our Barbie has a hot plate and he just fires it up and away he goes, bacon first, until crispy.. push to the side... eggs in the lovely fat that has collected on the plate... maybe some 'shrooms and some wilted spinach.. or a breakfast chipolata or two.

      He thick-cuts sourdough and toasts it on the grill and voila!!!

      1. I use an old cookie sheet, Grind lots of pepper on it and place it on the bbq and let it go. Not fond of smelling the house up for the day. Drain and wrap the bacon in paper towels, and then foil. Less clean up than using the oven or the cook top.
        You might have big mess in your grill the bacon directly over the coals or the flame, not to mention the fire hazard. Thick bacon works best, you can also use a rack over the cookie sheet (place foil on the bottom) leave it to cool and then wrap it up and toss. Making the washing easier. Forget the cookie sheet, it is part of the bbq tools now.

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        1. re: chef chicklet

          iIuse the cheap disposable tinfoil type of pans from the grocery store. Something with a bit of a lip on it to avoid a fire if it gets dripping too much, as I have found sometimes happens with tinfoil. Take it off the heat when done and dispose of when cool. Easy and mess free.

        2. It'll catch fire in about 5 seconds if you cook it on the grill directly over coals/flames. You can either cook it indirectely or put tin foil on the grill and cook the bacon on top of that. Also, you can use pots/pans/griddles on the grill as well and cook it that way.

          1. I hear tell of a recipe for bacon rubbed with brown sugar then smoked on an off set named Pig Candy.

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            1. re: Spencer

              I highly recommend making a style of bacon known as 'ciganyszalonna' (or 'Gypsy bacon').

              Start with non-sliced bacon. You need a 'slab' about 1.5 inches thick, which you then prepare as follows...

              I wouldn't have it as a main course, but it makes an AMAZING garnish/side. I actually put bits of it on my salad, and it's incredible.

              1. re: bellywizard

                Yum! My favorite! Hunkey Bacon!!! Old family tradition of ours. Onions and cucumbers. However, You will love this, but be mindful that its a heart attack on bread, don't eat it offten!

                1. re: bellywizard

                  that gypsy bacon idea sounds terrific for an autumn trip to the woods!