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Jul 18, 2007 05:07 PM

Palo Alto Bakery for Birthday Cake

I grew up in Palo Alto but have lived in the LA area for nearly ten years. While I do visit several times a year, I'm not at all up to date on good places to eat I will be visiting my family, who still do live there, in a few weeks and will be celebrating my birthday. Where is a great place to get a birthday cake in the area? I definitely want a chocolate cake and can be flexible about the frosting (maybe some sort of chocolate, maybe cream cheese). In the past my family has always gotten birthday cakes from Prolific Oven in downtown and they're always delicious, I'm just wondering if there are other places I should consider. Thanks!!

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  1. I say stick with the Prolific Oven. The chocolate cake is still amazing.

    1. I like Dreagers (sp?) for cakes!

      1. another vote for prolific oven - there cakes are great. Also, have a great caterer for cakes - she does them out of her home in Palo Alto - all organic ingredients - they are the best I have ever had - especially the chocolate honey cake.

        Her name is Louise Greenwood and you can contact her at 565-9116