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Jul 18, 2007 05:02 PM

Angelini or Osteria Mozza for Birthday Dinner?

I'm narrowing down restaurants for my upcoming birthday dinner and think I have it down to Angelini or Osteria Mozza (although I still could be persuaded elsewhere...). I have never been to Angelini and have been to Pizzeria Mozza, but not Osteria. I would love to hear your thoughts between the two. Prices and atmosphere will not make or break my decision and I was able to make a reservation at Mozza, so that should not be a deciding factor, either. Bottom line: I'm just looking for delicious food! Thanks!!

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    1. re: DMojoD

      I've never been to Angelini Osteria; I'm not generally an Italian food nut. I can't speak against it. But I can speak in favor of Osteria Mozza. We had a magnificent time there Saturday. It's vibrant, fun, with great service and food. It straddled the line between relaxed-night-out and special-occasion. It's something special. As the evening progressed from our early seating, the room moved from quiet and calm to shades of the raucous Pizzeria next door. Osteria Mozza would be a fun place for a birthday party, especially at their big round tables that seat six to eight - clearly they recognize the long compound rectangular tables where guests are isolated from looking at and conversing with other members of a large party that many restaurants use are just the pits.

    2. It really comes down to whether or not you can get a reservation for Osteria Mozza, that will be your deciding factor, you'll find. Try that, first, then decide.

      1. Well since you already have a res at Mozza and it's so hard to come by, you should go and try the food. Although I've never been, the reviews that are coming in for the place are mostly positive.
        That said, I love Angelini. It's certainly great but you can go any other time without month in advance res. Mozza definitely has the X factor right now with amazing food to back it up.