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Jul 18, 2007 04:53 PM


Went there for dinner tonight. Honestly, I have not idea why that place is still in business. It couldn't be more mediocre.

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    1. The last time I was there, probably six months ago, we went on a Saturday night, and they were out of nearly everything. While I was ordering, it got to the point where I asked the waitress what they did have, rather than me trying to order and and her telling me 'we don't have that. We're out of that too. I'm so sorry, but we don't have that either.' (At least the waitress was friendly and helpful.) When we asked for bread, we got a basket full of pieces of defrosted hot dog bun. When we complained to the owner, he told us how difficult it is to open Saturday night, how some people insist on washing with every meal, etc., and didn't even apologize. While I sympathize that it must be difficult to open shortly after Shabbos, don't pretend that you have capacity that you don't - offer a brief Saturday night menu or something.

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        We actually went for the nine days menu -- and yes, they were out of things off of that as well. And it was a Wednesday!!! Someone should close that place down and open a quality restaurant up here.

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          I'm convinced the problem with Talia's is the time you go. I've never had a problem, but I tend to go between 6:30 and 7 and it's on the empty side, once the crowd starts to pick up I could see them having more problems. I suspect they weren't out of items on the menu for the whole nine days, they were just out for that night(I certainly hope they get a fresh fish delivery every day).

          Of course a good restaurant should be able to handle crowds, but in the mean time if you want a good experience at Talia's go early.

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            i was there at 7. We even had to ask to have our water glasses filled. And yes, we were one of two couples in the place. It was empty - not busy at all. I appreciate your suggestions, but bottomline the place is totally shvach.

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        1. The trick to Talia's is to go in knowing what you're going to order (a burger is a good choice), order it immediately, and ask for the check when the food comes.

          In all honesty, it's not worth it otherwise. If you need a restaurant motzei shabbos, try Estihana instead. Service isn't great, but the food's better, and if you get there around when they open you'll be just fine with getting a seat.

          1. I agree--maybe because of the location--there's not too much else up there, and it has the outside seating.

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              the truth is, I'd take ozu over both of them, any day of the week (*except shabbas of course!)