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Jul 18, 2007 04:25 PM

Sura in Temescal (on Telegraph)

Does anyone have any information about this place?

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  1. The Google gave me a hiring ad from craigslist...Korean food, independently owned, authentic BBQ and cuisine.

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      spent an entertaining afternoon yesterday highlighted by lunch at Sura and a stroll along Telegraph Ave. from 40th Street to 51st Street.

      -- Sura - had one of the specials from a sheet attached to the first page of the menu - Fish Stew for $12.95. Before the entree, pumpkin soup and 17 (!) panchan and almost all had a far more delicate flavor than the ones at Koryo that I'm more familiar with: yam, a sprightly kimchi, a custardy thing, a slippery silken tofu, pickled zucchini. Nothing crunchy, like Koryo's dried fish, or overly hot. Oh, and the hostesses were quite gracious.

      The fish stew had cod, tofu, veggies and some curly things that were either some type of intestines or an uncut noodle that I had never seen before. Ate a pinch of the curly thing and it didn't taste like noodle and was told later that it was fish intestine. It added a distinctive flavor to the soup and I regret that I was a little too squeamish to appreciate it.

      Does anyone have any experience with Korean soups with fish intestine?

      -- As to the rest of Telegraph Avenue, the Temescal District is certainly perking up. Bakesale Betty had a sign up that they were out of Fried Chicken sandwiches but there were short lines for those ordering scones or pumpkin pie. Walgreen's, across the street, had a sale on Halloween items and I grabbed about 15 Pez dispensers with monster heads and 2 rolls of candy at 25 cents each. At Clausen House thrift shop at 4838 Telegraph they had wooden tennis rackets that were almost 100 years old for $2 each. Got 3. KangNam, a Korean Pho house at 4419 Telegraph, had about 6 or 8 patrons and next time want to try the Bo Kho, beef stew with noodle. The front doors to both Dona Tomas and Pizzaiolo were open as staff were filtering in to start setting up for 5 pm diners. East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse, 4695 Telegraph Ave, is a thrift shop/art supply store with some nice deals on used chairs and worth a look before 6 pm while waiting for an early table at Pizzaiolo. This area is developing quite nicely being anchored by Pizzaiolo and Dona Tomas; all it needs is a first class ice cream shop and it could come close to being an East Bay version of 18th Street and Guerrero in SF with its Delfina, Tartine and Bi-Rite.

    2. It is open. I just poked my nose in this afternoon.
      It seems to be an upscale place, very nice decor. This fills a non-existent gap -- it must be the twentieth Korean restaurant on Telegraph Avenue.
      Extensive menu, gas grills on tables (with fan vents above, = noisy).
      With a day's notice, they will make special "Wellness" stews, with ginseng, brown rice, black chicken.
      Black goat stew is $28.95 (but I am guessing it serves two).
      Lunch items range from $8 to $10.

      4869 Telegraph Ave (near 49th street)

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        1. My first meal there was great! The quality of the food and the special care from the owner make this a very promising new Korean Restaurant. The black goat stew is now my top one!!! Time for a chowdown? I will post one through the yahoo groups for EB and SF. See you there? See yahoo groups at: and to join.

          1. Link

            4869 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609