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Jul 18, 2007 04:06 PM

Orlando Christmas Buffet - Classy and Kid Friendly?

We want to go somewhere nice on Christmas day for brunch. I've heard good things about the Renaissance, Gaylord Palms, and The Peabody. We are 4 adults, one well-behaved 3 year old and a one year old.
We're looking for tasty food, nice atmosphere, and of course, kid friendly.
If you've been to one of these places, or you have any other suggestions, please post your opinion. Thanks.

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  1. The Villa de Flora buffet at the Gaylord Palms is amazing. Lots of really good food choices. We took our kids (3 and 7) last year and had no problem finding food for them (waffles, bagels, scrambled eggs, bacon, etc). Food for adults is good too - omelet station, smoked salmon, southern dishes, etc.) The atmosphere is really nice because the Villa de Flora is in the middle of the huge atrium inside the Gaylord Palms and it is all decked out for Christmas. In fact, you should plan on spending some time walking around the Gaylord Palms after you done to see all the decorations. The only thing is it can get really crowded at the buffet - there will be a long wait to get in (even if you have a reservation) and long waits at some of the buffet lines (particularly the omelet station). Probably the earlier you go, the less the crowds will be.

    1. There is a lengthy post on the subject last fall on this if you care to search for it.

      I believe the poster ultimately went to the Grande Lakes/JW Marriott and was very happy.

      Renaissance, alas, has opted not to reopen Atlantis -- at least for now., leaving Hyatt Grand Cypress/La Cooquina as the clear best-if-price-isn't-an-issue option.

      As I recall, Peabody also got raves on that thread.

      My take on the Gaylord is that it's in a wonderful setting, but not managed very well -- thus the lengthy waits.