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Jul 18, 2007 04:03 PM

Da Pasquale on Little Santa Monica

I had enjoyed a great dinner at Da Pasquale on a number of occasions, but have not been in a while. Any hounds been lately?

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  1. We went two weeks ago but it was our first time there so I can't compare it to any prior visits. We were with two other couples, one of which considers this their "regular" Italian place. The food was decent if unimaginative, and the restaurant was uncomfortably loud and totally packed on a Friday night. I wouldn't object to eating there again if asked to do so, but I probably wouldn't suggest it.

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      Thanks Debbie! From what I remember, it was a somewhat loud open kitchen, and the Tiramisu was probably the best ive ever had. thanks!

    2. Been there once about 2 months ago. Neither the food nor the atmosphere are anything special. Almost disappointing actually. Saw a lot of people getting their pizzas for take out though, maybe i'll try one of those some time.

      1. We are regulars. It is a nice, mid-level place with some good pastas and chicken dishes and great bread and desserts. The staff is very friendly and attentive. It may be loud but I think that just gives it a good vibe. It's not a special occasion place, just a nice neighborhood spot.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. can you be more specific?

            1. re: ragazza

              Well, they have been closed by the health board in the past. For starters.

              1. re: jcwla

                really? wow, I had no idea. any other reason that I may not want to eat there again you could pass along?