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Jul 18, 2007 03:59 PM

Souvlaki Place

Based on Baltoellen's rec, we drove down to this Greektown takeout last weekend.

First off, she was absolutely correct that it is kind of a dump, but a somewhat charming dump. While looking over the menu I said to Katy "be sure not to order a cheeseburger or you'll get yelled at." The guy behind the counter frowned and said "No cheeseburger! No cheesesteak!"

I told him I had heard that, and we both ordered a gyros platter and one order of dolmathes to share. While he cooked our food, he asked how I had heard of the place. I told him that it had been recommended by someone on the internet. He kept us entertained with stories (A lady once asked me if the souvlaki was any good. I said "No!" I've been doing this for 12 years, I ought to know how).

When we left he shook my hand and told me to pass on his thanks to the lady who sent me, which I am now doing.

The food was not Samos -- if that's what you are expecting you'll be disappointed. But it was tasty, and there was a lot of it -- salads with feta, fresh tomato, peppers, onions and olives, a huge mound of feta. Quartered disks of pita with fries and a huge mound of gyros. A quite good tzatziki.

All in all it was a worthy experience, and it's duly added to my list of quick, cheap and good carryout.

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    1. ha! ha! I actually laughed out loud when you described the cheeseburger/cheesesteak thing. And, you and Katy are both welcome! And, thank YOU for reporting back!

      Anyway, I definitely think that this 'charming dump' (and, what a generous description) is definitely the spot when you're jonesing Greek and don't want to wait at Samos, or have a full sit down meal at Zorba's.

      Again, thanks for reporting back. You've really got to love CH at times like these!

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        Oh, and I forgot to add on the Samos comparison front:

        I think I mentioned in an earlier post that we initially went to SP when we couldn't bear the line at Samos. A family of three in front of us left too, and we all ended up at SP, all for the first time, and joked a bit about it.

        Once our food arrived--yes, we ventured into the 'dumpy' 'dining room,' the man of the family turned to us and said, why did we bother with Samos all these years, when this is better and cheaper?!?

        1. re: baltoellen

          I think we may all remember when Samos was better and cheaper but I can also remember when Ikaros was better cheaper smaller. I look forward to trying SP.

          1. re: baltimorejim

            I could in no way call their gyros better, or even as good as Samos, but it's definitely cheaper, there was no line when we went, and it's worth the trip just for the experience.

            I love little joints like that.

            1. re: JonParker

              Interesting.....this calls for a carryout taste test! We thought the meat and tzadiki sauce was far superior in SP, but.....I think that sort of depends on what part of that meat cone thing you get the meat.....

              It's a far different animal than Samos is now...I, like many, I suppose, remember when it was just that small front room, with little folding chairs, and, of course, they have a much more comprehensive menu. But, the owner at SP said that he'd start making soup in the fall, and I'll be interested to see how his soup stacks up to the homey stuff I love from Samos.

                1. re: Hue

                  Good find. I"ve not seen it--well, haven't found the need to look-- and it's not as though they need to drum up even more business. What's next? Samos accepting credit cards?
                  (Which, much to my surprise, Trinicaria does now!)

      2. I realize that Souvlaki Place is the topic of discussion (and I'm going to try them with my neighbor soon - my Fiance can be a snob about restaurants), but I went to Samos tonight (excellent as always) and tried to see if I could spot Souvlaki Place - I missed it, but to their credit I was trying to drive down Eastern Av. and make the turn on Oldham for Samos without running anybody over. Samos, BTW, has an ATM machine ourside of the restrooms now. (I checked out their website for the first time the other day.) Also, for the first time at Samos I noticed that Nick's dishes were presented more decoratively - the humas and gyro bread had some green garnish and the lump of humas had olives, a tomato and carots layed out to resemble a little face with the olives as eyes and the tomato as a nose. Very cute.

        1. I found a great article about Souvlaki Place. Click on the Photo Gallery - they have a picture of the guy who runs the place as well as pics of his restaurant. What I also found interesting is right below the picture gallery click on "stories" "your're broke. Eat here". There's a whole compiled list of cheap eats.

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