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Jul 18, 2007 03:41 PM

New spots in Brevard County

Has anyone been to the recently opened Enigma, Legends Cafe (both on A1A) or Fujiyama (on Wickham)?

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  1. I ate at Enigma for the first time on Tuesday. Went at 7:30 with a friend , without a reservation (I know, but it WAS a Tuesday). They were very busy, actually took me one circuit of the parking lot to find a space. We were told it would be a little wait, so we went to the bar/lounge to have a drink. First of all, the bar is gorgeous, reminds me quite a bit of the Chart House bar, maybe 15 seats around the bar and 20 or so tables in the lounge area, where we saw many people eating. We were still drinking our first cocktail when the hostess came up to seat us; we asked to take a little more time and they were very gracious. The bar area has 4 large flatsrcreen televisions, quite a nice display of bottles behind the bar, seperated from the hostess stand by a greenish-blue glass partition. Took our time in the bar, finally seated at about 8:30. Unlike the Phoenix, this space feels very airy, easily 8 or 10 windows in the main dining room. Salad bar at the west end of the room, large cylindrical aquarium in the center, probably seats 140 in the main room. Booths line the room, and it is divided by a partition that runs through the south third of the room, running east to west. The menu is very diverse, and very reasonably priced, most of the appetizers from about $3.95 - $8.95, entrees from $8.95 - $23.95. Salad bar $3.95 with entree. Started with stuffed crab appetizer, 3 stuffed crabs, in the shell, good amount of crabmeat but mostly stuffing. Very generic salad bar, but well stocked and clean. I had the Lieutenant, shrimp with gorgonzola, bacon and cream over pasta, very nice, though I hate when they leave the shells on the shrimp in a dish like this. My friend had the designer shrimp, in essence shrimp in a tomato vodka sauce over linguine, which he enjoyed. We shared a bottle of 2006 Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc, chosen from a rather limited selection; a little light for my pasta dish but quite nice nonethelesss. Passed on dessert. A nice meal, but not in any way a gourmet spot. That is not a negative, rather a statement of fact. I could see this place being franchised and making someone a boatload of money. A definite step up from a Red Lobster or The Cove, but I'm not sure if it will become a destination spot for serious foodies. Nor are they trying to be. A good spot to take the family, and a nice addition to the options in Brevard County.

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      Thanks for the input...I had a look at their menu & guessed that it would be just about how you described it.