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Jul 18, 2007 03:21 PM

Splurge Inn with Amazing Dining

My husband recently had back surgery and I want to whisk him away to an over-the-top New England Inn with superb dining (in a few weeks). I am looking for something along the lines of a Relais-Chateaux, but more offbeat. Although budget isn't really an issue (he suffered tremendously), Twin Farms in VT is a tad beyond our range.


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  1. in Jackson, NH. Rates are around $250-$400. Restaurant is very good, extensive wine list.

    1. We'll occasionally drive 2 hours for the unbelievable Sunday brunch buffet at the Equinox Resort in Manchester Village, VT. The food is great, and I love that they have a live piano player! I hear the spa services are really nice too.

      1. Inn at The Sawmill Farm and the Deerhill Inn, both in West Dover, VT