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Jul 18, 2007 03:21 PM

German Restaurant St-Pete-area?!

I´m trying to find a nice german restaurant in the stpete area... any suggestions... please? I´ve tried the bavarian house stpete beach and was very disappointed. the food was so so and the restaurant is plain ugly.

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  1. There is Cafe Vienna on 4th St. N. in St. Pete around 64th Ave. N. It is a family run restaurant with the wife as the hostess and the husband as the cook. Some good german beers in the bar and excellent food in my opinion.


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    1. cafe berlin in Treasure Island is wonderful.

      1. Good Times on Tierre Vierde is very good. They do not take credit cards. I had excellent sauerbraten there.
        Cafe Vienna is also good. But I have some hit or miss meals there.

        1. I second Good Times. It is about halfway down the island on the right next to a convenience store. Great German beers on tap that like in Germany may change with the seasons and are sered in large pilsners. Try the roast Duck with sauerkraut.

          1. what excatly was wrong with the bavarian house at the beach when u went there??
            my friend went there a couple weeks ago and she was very happy and the food was good..
            my friend also said thats its a nice family owned restaurant where the chef is the owner and his wife is the bartender.
            i was just wondering if i should go there on day or not??

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              Better beware !!!!
              Thats the worst German food I ever ate in my whole life.I don't know how you can open a restaurant and have no clue about cooking at all !!!
              It tastes not even close, what you get in Germany.You are better off going to Cafe Berlin in Treasure Island, they have excellent food and know what they are doing.

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                Well, I used to live in germany for quite some time and the bavarian house on the beach has nothing at all to do with german food. It was just horrible. Yes, the lady of the house is very nice and friendly, but the owner and chef is simply a grumphead and can't cook. He didn''t even reply to a hello...