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Jul 18, 2007 03:06 PM

Lowell Folk Festival - Celiac Disease

A friend with Celiac Disease is considoring attending the Lowell Folk Festival with us this year. I was wondering if anyone knew of restaurants within the festival grounds (or vendors even) with gluten-free offerings/menu? Again im only interested in places within the walking area of the festival, we dont want to have to drive elsewhere but would also like to do better then buying a burger and tossing the bun in the trash.

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  1. Pretty sure that there is a large contingent of Filipino and other Asian vendors, so you can have grilled meat and rice which would work. Also I guess it depends on how strict your friend is...

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    1. re: poho

      my understanding is the marinades on the meats is a problem especially any with soy sauce (all the asian ones) or soy oils...

      1. re: hargau

        There's awesome Portuguese food, and from what I can tell, the meats and sardines (yum!)b are only basted with EVOO. You could just ask what they're basted with, instead of getting into the celiac question..

    2. If you've been there before, you know the vendors don't list their ingredients and most likely have no idea what celiac disease is.

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        exactly which is why im concentrating on the restaurants within the area, there are many, im just not familiar with them.

      2. There is a fabulous Health Food Restaurant in Downtown Lowell - Life Alive on Middle Street (walking distance from the stages). Since I don't know much about gluten free diet and what items on a menu would be good, I'm thinking a health food place might. They are fabulous. They might have gluten free items on their menu or could point you to places in Lowell. They seem to be very helpful folks.

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          I'll second Life Alive, they have a wide variety of health food, smoothies and juices. If anyone in Lowell can accommodate you, its them.

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            Life Alive has many Gluten Free menu items, and the food is wonderful. I used to work at the Revolving Musuem next door, and Life Alive and Subway (gag) were the only places I could run to quickly to get a bite to eat. Heidi (owner) will be happy to have a special dish made for you as well.

          2. Oh, and have a great time. It's a fantastic three days of music and food. People have a misconception that it's only folk music - you'll see - it's a wide range all awesome music.

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              Thanks. Yes we go every year. Always great music and food.