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Jul 18, 2007 02:46 PM

Churros at Cinnabon?

Anyone tried them?

" Cinnabon’s version of the Churro is a warm, sweet dough spiral, filled with Makara® Cinnamon. With just the right touch of cinnamon sugar as a coating on the outside"

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  1. No, not yet! I went on Friday Jul. 20 to two Cinnabon locations (total coincidence that I was near two in one day considering I hadn't been there in years), and was told by the one in Union Station (Toronto) they'd have them Monday (July 23).

    When I try them, I will report back.

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    1. re: Olivia

      Went on Friday and had one. For $1.99, I got a churro the length of my forearm. Overall, not bad, would probably have it again given the dearth of places to find Churros in my city (Toronto).

      I wouldn't say it was a spiral, it was in the traditional churros shape of the piping-tip star. The filling was weird--definitely a corn starch based cinnamony goo. The exterior was crispy and nicely coated in cinnamon sugar, and the interior was soft, and bordering on doughy closer to the filling.

      1. re: Olivia

        I seriously cannot imagine carrying something the length of my arm... in my mouth... while walking around at the mall...

        seriously sounds like it could feed a small family in Macchu Pichu

        1. re: Danimal n Hustler

          <LOL!> My forearm is ~9"... which is still pretty pervy to have hanging out one's mouth at the mall, I guess!

          Agreed, it's definitely sized for North Americans (ie. much larger than a traditional churros) but I guess the upside is that it's a good for sharing.

      2. re: Olivia

        Funny how You stumbled upon a CinnaBon... I haven't taken a rush hour bus in a while. So when I was waiting for the 1st rush bus in the afternoon ~ I waited in the nearby sole Cinna Bon that I know of in YUL. In the past I use to get those mini bites or cinnasticks. I too noticed they had churros (had no clue it was a "new item" haven't been to Cinna Bon since last year. Just to make sure (since it wasn't spiral~shaped ) I asked him if those were churros. I ordered one and then he paused to say "If u buy another one, u get the 2nd one for .99 cents. I said okay they better be good then! That's when he offered me a sample on a toothpick.
        Btw when I was reading this thread I had to look at my forearm to remember if it was that long!? A much simpler guide would be...It's about the size of the long paper bag they put their minibites in (coz they use the same bag as the minibites)

        With all that being said ~ I'm no expert on churros but it could've tasted a little fresher (perhaps i would've liked it more if I had right after it was made) I really did like the filling inside. While I was sitting on a stool, there was an ad for their churros plastered right in front of me. I asked the cashier what Makara® was? ~ if it was the filling inside and she replied "Makara Churros, it's mexican" I chuckled thinking to myself; well yeah of course I knew what a churro was--- just didn't know what Makara was!?
        Oh thanks for posting the above link Rworange. I just clicked on it & it says it's available for a Limited Time and you get the second one for a $dollar.

      3. Hi,

        I tried them in Toronto Canada. They were only about 6 inches long. Very manageable size-wise. There used to be a chain in Toronto that started up and tried to sell them. I worked for them as a graphic designer. The Cinnabon version tastes exactly the same. Nice exterior, lame filling. Is it possible this little company is the supplier? Personally I think $2 is too much. It should cost what a donut costs.

        1. I miss Cinnabon. Used to be one of my favorite once in awhile splurges at the mall.