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Jul 18, 2007 02:15 PM

Cherry Street T&T

Drove by there today, they have a sign up for a job fair on the 20th. Good sign that they will be opening soon! I've been impressed by the steaks I've had from T&T, but not so happy about the produce! Like to try out someother stuff, like their prepared foods.

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  1. I have several times selected various prepared foods from the counter, careful to likes and avoiding stranger items! Products are generally pretty good to take home to a batch of rice ready in the cooker! Produce always okay to me, except for plastic packaging which can be annoying!

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      I find the prepared food varies greatly by location. I prefer the BBQ up on Warden. The wings and pork are both excellent. But the fried rice is always over cooked there and better on Mavis.