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Jul 18, 2007 02:14 PM

Inexpensive Sushi in West Village

Hi there,

I am looking for an inexpensive but good sushi restaurant in the West Village for nights when I just want an early, easy bite. I used to go to Zutto a lot on Greenwich Ave. before it closed. Would prefer something close to W.4 th and 6th Avenue. I know there are a few spots along Carmine but I don't know what's good!

Thank you!

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  1. Aki on West 4 st. They have a good deal until 7:30pm or so.

    1. Our stand-by is Kirara in Carmine. It's not cheap but the prices are fair and the fish is very good to excellent. Delivery can be slow; much faster if you're willing to pick up. There doesn't seem to be a huge variety of fish, but I bet that's how they keep the costs down and keep it fresh. My favorite is the Sarah roll (salmon on top) with the option of real crabmeat (and avocado) inside.

      I just had an excellent special last night - a steamed king crab roll with avocado, lettuce, and this dipping sauce that tasted like lemonaid... It tasted great when you put it all together :)

      1. i am still lamenting the closing of that ZUTTO. not the recent version, but the prior initial version when the older sushi-san who ran a tight ship was there all the time and the menu was very creative. alas, he retired a few years back and it reverted to the more generic downtown menu for awhile and then closed -- too bad. i still have an old early ZUTTO menu from back in the days that i pull out on occasion and lament over - lol!

        our neighborhood go to these days is NAKA NAKA, but its nothing like that as they have a limited menu.