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Jul 18, 2007 02:11 PM

Hot peppers at Terroni

Does anyone know the brand name of the hot peppers served at Terroni? I love them and have bought jars before from the restaurant - but was hoping to buy them locally or online somewhere where they aren't $16 a jar. I threw my last jar out, and all I can seem to remember is the word "Pugliese" from the label - but Googling "pugliese peppers" doesn't do much.


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  1. I also love there peppers and have a jar in my fridge.

    "Prodotti Alimentari Pugliese"
    Donato Macina & C. s.r.l.

    That is what's on the label, hope that helps.

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      I found them very cheap - San Antonio fish market in Woodbridge - half the price. Enjoy! We live in Newport Beach, CA now and sadly cannot find them anywhere. We tried the Terroni in LA but they can't get them in fast enough to supply the demand outside the restaurant. :)

    2. I've bought the Terroni hot peppers at Longo's...sorry--I don't remember whether they were cheaper than at Terroni...

      1. Thanks for the replies! From that info, and with some Googling, I found the whole product line for Donato Macina. The actual product name is "PEPERONCINI PICCANTI" - which should also be printed on the label below the info griffin23 supplied. Unfortunately the only place I could find to buy them online was eBay Italia, which won't work, but I'll check out Longos. Thanks again!

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          Tara, you may want to give Fiesta Farms on Christie just north of Bloor at try if it's not too far out of your way.
          While I can't confirm for sure that they carry that particular brand, the last time I was there (~ 1 mth ago) I did see jars of hot peppers on their deli counter than looked an awful lot like the ones at Terroni. In fact, they're a great source for just about anything Italian (there's a whole aisle of pastas and sauces, some of which I haven't seen anywhere else in town).

        2. ask the staff at teroni they sell them there!!

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