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Hot peppers at Terroni

Does anyone know the brand name of the hot peppers served at Terroni? I love them and have bought jars before from the restaurant - but was hoping to buy them locally or online somewhere where they aren't $16 a jar. I threw my last jar out, and all I can seem to remember is the word "Pugliese" from the label - but Googling "pugliese peppers" doesn't do much.


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  1. I also love there peppers and have a jar in my fridge.

    "Prodotti Alimentari Pugliese"
    Donato Macina & C. s.r.l.

    That is what's on the label, hope that helps.

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      I found them very cheap - San Antonio fish market in Woodbridge - half the price. Enjoy! We live in Newport Beach, CA now and sadly cannot find them anywhere. We tried the Terroni in LA but they can't get them in fast enough to supply the demand outside the restaurant. :)

    2. I've bought the Terroni hot peppers at Longo's...sorry--I don't remember whether they were cheaper than at Terroni...

      1. Thanks for the replies! From that info, and with some Googling, I found the whole product line for Donato Macina. The actual product name is "PEPERONCINI PICCANTI" - which should also be printed on the label below the info griffin23 supplied. Unfortunately the only place I could find to buy them online was eBay Italia, which won't work, but I'll check out Longos. Thanks again!

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          Tara, you may want to give Fiesta Farms on Christie just north of Bloor at try if it's not too far out of your way.
          While I can't confirm for sure that they carry that particular brand, the last time I was there (~ 1 mth ago) I did see jars of hot peppers on their deli counter than looked an awful lot like the ones at Terroni. In fact, they're a great source for just about anything Italian (there's a whole aisle of pastas and sauces, some of which I haven't seen anywhere else in town).

        2. ask the staff at teroni they sell them there!!

          1. My girlfriend and I have been on a desperate months-long search for these peppers after visiting Toronto (lovely city), going to Terroni and having our first taste of the Donato Macina hot peppers. We brought a jar home and savored every bite, but we've been out for a month and no amount of Googling can call up an online distributor. I'm in the states (Chicago to be exact) and would like to find ANY way to get my hands on a couple jars. Has anyone had any luck finding a source or any luck having Terroni ship to them directly? Please let me know if you have any extra info to share!

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              Does anyone have some new information on how/where these peppers can be bought? I ate the last little bit last week and would really like to buy some more? HELP!

            2. There are other addicts out there!! I love, love, love these peppers, eat them on just about everything. Love the beautiful flavour, crunchines and saltiness of them!

              1. I have bought the peppers bottled from the restaurant that was on Victoria St. They were very good, but they appeared to be slightly different than those on dishes (whether they are or not). Either case they are both delicious. I actually expected the peppers in the restaurant to be made in the restaurant (it is not a difficult recipe - and would likely be cheaper). It would be interesting to know if they use bottled peppers for the restaurant. They tend to make a lot of the italian food/pasta fresh (which is not always done) - it makes a difference - just wish all italian places would make fresh noodles.

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                  Donato Macina now makes and jars the peppers under a Terroni label. For a while, when they had stock, you could pick between the original Donata Macina jarred peppers, or the new Terroni labeled ones. They taste the same - the only difference I've noticed is that I think the Terroni-labeled ones are chopped a bit finer. Yum - I never did find them in another store - I just continue to buy them from Terroni when I'm there.

                2. The Donato Macina peppers used to be sold (cheaper than at Terroni) at Grande Cheese on Orphus.

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                    They are sold at Lady York on Dufferin. A regular jar costs $8, a large jar costs $11. Look for them where the other Donato Macina products are shelved - in the produce section.

                  2. Has anyone seen them at Highland Farms? I'm an east-ender and Lady York and Fiesta--and Terroni--are inconvenient for me to get to.

                    Highland Farms
                    850 Ellesmere Rd, Toronto, ON M1P, CA

                    1. I just got back from Lady York. I had a hard time finding them. One of the staff didn't have a clue what I was talking about. I found them in the produce department, on a shelf above the lettuce. I got the last small jar and there were two large jars left. Finally! I have been looking for these ages.
                      $8 AND $11.

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                        They had a new batch of the small ones in last time I was there. With these peppers I tend to buy a jar, go through it quickly, and then get bored of them for a year.

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                          You can find them at La Rose Bakery & Deli (Royal York & Eglinton area), 580g. for $9.99, I just purchased one and they have a dozen left

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                            That size is $8 at Lady York; $11 for 1062g.

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                              Do your labels also say :

                              "Prodotti Alimentari Pugliese"
                              Donato Macina & C. s.r.l.

                              I've goggled without success.

                      2. Tried these for the first time yesterday and have to say they were just OK. IMHO they are too salty, too heavily skinned (they'd be much better roasted and peeled), not hot enough for my liking, and just OK flavour.

                        Anyway, they are also available at Consiglio's on 1219St. Clair W. $9.99 for 580g.

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                          PoppiYYZ, I haven't tried many, so got addicted to the Terroni peppers. If you don't think they are very good, what would you recommend as an alternative? Thanks.

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                            Sorry ME, it may not be a help, but I now use homemade. Last summer at a cottage weekend a group of us did a head to head with various jarred peppers and previously frozen homemade. The homemade won hands down.

                            They are easy to make : Use sweet red or green, banana, or jalapeno peppers (available all year), roast on BBQ til skinned blackened, place in paper bag for 30 seconds, peel and de-vein (avoid rinsing with water), place peppers in individual serving snack sized ziplocks (they freeze amazingly). To use, thaw and saute in EVOO with salt.

                            Last year during pepper season I made lots and they are still excellent. Great on pizza or straight on an antipasto plate. It's a little work, but they are better than any jarred.