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Jul 18, 2007 01:54 PM

Hearth or Stanton Social club?

I've been recommended both, but haven't been to either. Would appreciate your advice on where to take my overseas guests. Many thanks.

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  1. Where are your guests coming in from? What is the age range?

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      my guests are australians, in their mid 30s

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        I think it really depends on what atmosphere you're going for. The Stanton Social is such a unique concept (IMO), has a great space and I feel is something very "New Yorkie." I have not been to Hearth, but I've heard wonderful things.

    2. I haven't eaten at Stanton Social, but I would recommend Hearth if you're looking for very well-prepared food in an atmosphere that's casual and comfortable yet still refined.

      1. Agree with both LeahBaila and Lucia - You go to Stanton Social for the scene and the "chic" factor, and Hearth for great food. The food at Stanton Social is ok, they are small plates that are great for sharing, but in terms of quality it is not at the same league as Hearth. The service can be spotty and there are times when things get "chaotic" (loud laughing and people running around in my experience). I like both the food at Hearth much better, and it has a homey feeling to it.

        1. I've been to Stanton Social. The place is nice and surprisingly comfortable. Despite being loud and crowded, you can have an easy conversation in the little booths. The food is fine, but totally underwhelming. If I'm in that neighborhood, I eat at Peasant (esp. downstairs) and Clinton St. Baking Co (I can't resist their fruit pies or pancakes).

          1. Stanton Social Club by far. We were rushed out of Hearth after our meal. The food was only fair. Stanton Social has great food and a fun scene.

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              Thank you all very much for your responses.