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Jul 18, 2007 01:50 PM

Favorite Sandwich Cookbook?

Hello there, I'm trying to expand my sandwich repertoire. I'm usually pretty boring (ie turkey with lettuce and mayo on whole wheat), and i think i'm wasting perfectly good opportunities to eat something exceptionally yummy. does anyone have a cookbook or other source they use for sandwich ideas? i think once i get the ball rolling i'll be able to experiment on my own, but i need some ideas to get started.

i'm looking for things generally, on the leaner/healthier side, but special occasion sandwich recipes/ideas are welcome too.


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  1. Though this isn't exactly a cookbook, Jane and Michael Stern's (of roadfood fame) new book, Roadfood Sandwiches, highlights some of their favorite finds across the country and could maybe inspire a creative idea or two. Alos, there are recipes of the sandwiches thrown in, so you would not totally have to wing it.

    1. I think most of my sandwiches end up from leftover meals - roasted veggies and goat cheese (or cream cheese), pot roast, grilled chicken, etc. I would think a sandwich cookbook would end up being a little gimmicky (how can you make a book out of just sandwich recipes?).

      Have you tried and searched for "sandwich" recipes? Or

      So far, my favorite sandwich is a BLT with melted cheese and a fried egg.



        This link should give you some ideas! I have nothing else to offer as it seems lately all I'm eating is tomato sandwiches. The tomato season is short and i have to get my fill while I can.
        Good luck!

        1. Try the recipes in the cookbook "Once Upon a Tart". I don't know how much healthier the sandwiches in their book are, but I've tried making a few and I am completely satified with the taste. A little labor intensive though, because for some of the recipes, you may have to make a special condiment as well ( they have a lovely recipe for tomato chutney which has all but replaced ketchup in my home).

          1. Here's a link to the sandwich section of my cookbook library:
            You are welcome to look through the rest of the 470+ cookbooks I have as well


            Of these I recommend three:

            1. Susan Costner's Great Sandwiches
            Out of print but can be found on eBay. Great photos and inventive recipes.

            2. Nancy Silverton's Sandwich Book

            2. Beautiful Breads & Fabulous Fillings
            By Margaux Sky
            Spectacular photos and wonderful recipes