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Why are most Japanese places closed on Mondays?

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Ever notice that most Japanese places are closed on Mondays?

I've always assumed it was because the fish markets are closed Mondays.

Any other theories or definitive answers?


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  1. It's true of a lot of Chinese places, too. With the Chinese places, it's because the owner is frequently the manager and the chef as well, and they need a day off, and Monday is the slowest day.

    1. Aside from Sushi of Gari, in Manhattan, I've not noticed that sushi places are closed on Mondays.

      1. I don't think it's just Japanese places... a lot of smaller restaurants are closed on Mondays. Either that or Wednesdays... everyone needs a break at least one day a week!

        1. I don't think it's just Japanese restaurants.

          Like others have said, alot of small(er) restaurants are closed on Mondays. I think this is because Mondays are typically a slow day for restaurants.

          Not sure why Mondays are slow, but I think part of it is that most people don't tend to dine out on Mondays because they've stocked up with grocery shopping over the weekend or because it is Monday after all and it's not a very celebratory time of the week, unlike Friday (or even Thursday).