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Jul 18, 2007 12:55 PM

Venice - need 'best of' suggestions

I have heard a lot about people being disappointed by their Venetian dining experiences. I do not want to be one of those people! I am going in September and would love to know what Chowhounders would recommend. Our primary stipulation is great food. I am willing to eat "good" food if the ambiance makes up for it. Thank you!

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    1. My husband and I got married at the Cipriani hotel a couple years ago. Other than our wedding dinner (which was great!), we had lunch at the pool and dinner at Cip's (at Cipriani). We loved Cip's (sp?)! It is right on the water, outside, casual - food I remember being good, but overall, that was a memorable dinner. Other than that, there was a great southern Italian restaurant on one of the squares...I will check with my husband to see if he remembers the name of the square at least. Still, I do have to agree that my meals there on my two visits overall have been "fine." Maybe I just prefer southern Italian though???

      1. Just back from Venice. We had a great dinner at Alle Testiere, a good dinner at da Ivo and a disappointing and too expensive dinner at Da Fiore in San Polo.

        1. We had an outstanding meal at Ristorante Riviera on the Zattere in 2004. Bogoli to sink your teeth into, and the fegato brought tears to my eyes. We ate outside along the Guidecca Canal. Magical.

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            The best meal we had in Venice last September was at Da Ivo, yum!

          2. We love the food in Venice - the seafood and fish is just unbeatable, among other things, but dont expect good bread!

            there are many posts and reports on Venice, do search those in addition to looking at the good recommendations you are getting here. In September, there will be wonderful grapes and other fruits in the Rialto market - be sure not to miss the luscious moscati.
            etc. /the lagoon produce is unbeatable, so be sure to eat your fruits and vegetables.