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Jul 18, 2007 12:53 PM

Greenwich suggestions (particularly delivery/takeout/lower-end)?

I'm moving to Greenwich shortly (specifically, the Riverside area). I certainly know and understand that most of what Greenwich has to offer is on the higher end in terms of price, but what about those nights when I just want to order in pizza or Chinese, or go out for Thai? Do I have to go to Port Chester? Any suggestions?

(Also welcome are recommendations for butchers, cheese shops, fish markets, produce, etc. And if there's any place I absolutely shouldn't miss, pricey or not, those pointers are much appreciated as well.)


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  1. Hey Adam,

    For Pizza I have always been a big fan of Pizza Post in Cos Cob (next to gopher ice cream), they dont deliver but I rather pick up their pizza than get planet or arcuris and the likes delivered to me.

    For Chinese I like Asiana Cafe in Central Greenwich (next to whole foods)- though this is slightly more pricier than your average Chinese take out, but its also much better. They also have a Thai section and sushi on the menu. Some on this board are of fans of Asiana's sushi but I think its awful. The Thai food is good.

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      Thanks. Have you tried Pomodoro in Riverside (shopping center on Rte 1) for pizza?

      1. re: adam

        I went once but about 2-3 years ago, didnt really enjoy the pizza or the cooked food much. I havent been back, but, things could have gotten better since then. Any one with recent visits to Pomodoro

    2. Welcome to Greenwich!!
      Penang Grill or Asiana for Chinese
      I love Pizza Factory for pizza

      I think the cheese shop at Whole Foods is great. I recently tried a new cheese place called Plum in Cos Cob and was not very impressed with their selection or pricing. We go to the Lobster Bin for seafood- there is also Bon Ton on the Greenwich Ave, but LB is better IMO.

      For produce I shop between WF and Food Emporium. 2 HUGE grocery stores (Shoprite and Super Shop and Stop) opened recently on the Old Greenwich/Stamford border with decent produce selections.

      For liquor I love
      in Port Chester- huge selection.
      is also good in central Greenwich

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        I agree on le wine shop...good selection on euro wines. For more of a new world slant I like wine wise next to asiana and whole foods. Some great california wines although can be pricy.

        Lobster Bin is good I agree. But not sure better than Bon Ton?

        I have tried Plum for cheese too...was ok...mainly artisinal domestic selection depends what you're after I suppose. There is also a cheese shop in Darien goodwives shopping strip that I would like to check out next. On either side of it is Aux Delices deli which is great (one in Greenwich too just off the ave mid-way up) and Coromandel Indian restaurant which I think is very good and reasonable. I was surprised that the dishes there are quite authentic and have not been toned down for the masses spice-wise...

        1. re: bevoray

          I, too, like Asiana for moderate pan asiana.

        2. we recently moved here as well but are on the other side of town in Glenville so welcome! Personally, I really like Express Pizza for pizza and Glenville Pizza (but it is best if you eat in). Asiana, while a bit more than your average chinese is the best. There is a great Thai place over here as well - I'll look up the name and let you know (it might be the Thai House). Chicken Joe's is great for take out fried chicken, nuggets and fries. If I can think of other stuff I'll let you know.