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Jul 18, 2007 12:48 PM

Steakhouse for celebratory dinner?

Just moved up here --- boyfriend got a new job --- can anyone recommend a nice place for a special dinner? Possibly steakhouse type of thing... Must be in DC.


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  1. Charlie Palmer in my opinion is the best steak place in the District not counting metro area of DC.

    1. My favorite is Charlie Palmers. Great steaks near the Capital and the best mac and cheese. Truly a memorable experience.

      1. Charlie Palmer is a good suggestion.

        My boyfriend took me to the Prime Rib in January and I loved it. Certainly a special occasion type place since men need to wear suit jackets. The service is great...very old-school DC. The food is delicious---in particular their signature prime rib (which I almost never order in other restaurants), and their sides are almost better then the main course.

        It's a completly different vibe then Charlie Palmer or somet of the other steakhouses in town...but some place you should consider.

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        1. oooh thank you --- have never heard of it.... someone told me bobby van's but charlie palmers looks very very nice....

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            I've heard a lot of mixed reviews about Bobby Van's. But I've only heard wonderful things about Charlie the view of the Capitol is beautiful AND they have outdoor seating.

            1. re: Elyssa

              Also at Charlie Palmer Steak they have an all-domestic wine inventory; fitting given its proximity to the Capitol. If you'd like to keep costs down you can bring up to two bottles of domestic wine per table, and they will serve it for you without a corkage fee.

              1. re: bordeauxfan

                Oh wow! I didn't know that. Thanks for the info Bordeauxfan

              2. re: Elyssa

                Charlie Palmers has the best atmosphere of the DC steak houses and is an excellent choice. Their regular steak cuts are very good, but do not taste that much better than the run of the mill Mortons/RCs/Palm. What sets CP apart is the special kobe and dry aged steaks which are available to purchase by the ounce -- and cost a fortune. Also their goat cheese orzo is one of my favorites among steak house sides.

                Although more of a traditional atmosphere, Capital Grille is also a great choice for standard-issue steak cuts that are better than the run of the mill mentioned above. Also don't miss out on Cap Gille's calamari with pepper jardinare (sp?) appetizer.

                1. re: dzherbst

                  I have to disagree about their normal steaks not tasting better than Mortons/RC/Palm- Mortons steaks are dry unseasoned and very bland, RC dilutes theirs in butter to make it taste better. I think Charlie Palmer's even regular cuts are preferable to theirs as they are not dry, bland or coated and soaked in butter and still have very good flavor. I do agree their better steaks though are even better.

                  1. re: ktmoomau

                    Also for a celebratory dinner, I would think that ambience, decor and service are paramount. I personally feel that CP Steak wins on these criteria. It's sleek, contemporary, and on a clear night the view of the Capitol dome is spectacular.

            2. hmmmm.... i have some thinking to do.... everyone seems to love CP, which seems to be pricier than the others!! lol funny how that works :)