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Jul 18, 2007 12:29 PM

Best Chocolate Cookie in NYC (Wait for It . . .)

Nominees now being accepted.

Must be a dark cookie; regular chocolate chip not eligible (though my three nominees all melt chocolate in theirs, giving the cookies chips or chunks).

So Far:

Baked (Red Hook)
City Bakery

I dare anyone to nominate a cookie with nuts. Or bolts.

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  1. My personal favorites are at City Bakery, but very good cookies at Jacques Torres.

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      1. Definitely Levain...followed by a close second City. There's something about that cookie -- -you just cant stop eating them. I hate to say it, but part of the appeal to Levain's cookie is that it appears raw, maybe from all that butter, or maybe it is a raw cookie, or slightly undercooked that gives it that yummy cookie dough quality.

        I also enjoy their dark chocolate peanut butter cookie!

        1. Okay, ready for this, best ever... go to Sapa on 24th Street late at night and just hope and pray the pastry chef makes a tray of chocolate chip cookies. If you're lucky, a waiter comes out with a full sheet pan and offers you one, hot or for free! The only thing better is making them at home yourself.

          1. I'd have to say the best chocolate cookie I consistently eat in New York is the double chocolate at Petrossian Bakery. But be warned, it has the caloric value of a chocolate cake. Making me hungry ...