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Jul 18, 2007 11:54 AM

Cheap eats for Towson U. college student

im a college student at towson and i often got stuck eating the "school food" which is actually not that bad fwiw, but i just wanted some ideas for cheap GOOD carry-outs other than the menus dropped off in the lobby of my dorm... on second thought, not necesarily carry-out...just cheap.

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  1. Kabob Hut is a great deal and really really good. It's just west of the circle on Allegheny I think.

    I have a secret weakness for Cluck U Chicken when they do it right, which is about 3 out of five times.

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      the Rec Room used to make a tasty burger, its been a while though.

    2. Pasta Mista (on Dulaney Valley right near the mall) actually has surprisingly good pizza (I'm a former NYer, tried it based on the recommendations of this board and was impressed)

      1. Charles Village Pub on W. Pennsylvania and Strapazza on Allegeny and Towson Best at the circle (Chinese - and they have a 15% off coupon on their takeout menu)

        1. Frisco Burritos on Alleghany Avenue is really nice for good carryout/eat-in. I love their tofu tacos and tend to get those exclusively but everything I've had has been really nice.