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Jul 18, 2007 10:38 AM

KUMA INN tonight -- recs needed

i think we are going to KUMA INN tonight for a late bite. what are your recs? other posts indicate lots of meaty tapas -- any healthier non-meat items (other than garlic rice)? thx.

to refresh your memory i found a menu -- looks good!:

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  1. I recall the tuna tartare being very good -- it's kind of a ubiquitous dish, i know, but the version presented here is pretty tasty, as are the rice crisps that come with. the mushrooms were great one time i had them and so-so the other (a pitfall of a dish that's dependent on what's fresh at the market/distributor that day). enjoy!

    1. You have to get the chinese sausage and the edamame with Lime!

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      1. re: adairily

        Remember its BYOB. Octopus was outstanding, Eastern Omlette, skip the london broil,

        1. re: princeofpork

          not byob from my recollection. huge selection of sake (you can order flights with your meal--or various sake tastings) and beer and wine, too

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              They lost their license a few months ago, BTW, for one reason or another.

      2. sorry to report this half-baked plan was a bust ---- we tried to just walk in last night (wed) at 9pm and the wait was over an hour. i should have known better as i knew it was a small place so....big mistake! we didn't stick around. i will be sure to make a reservation next time -- still, thx for all the tips.

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          My recommendation would be to not bother with this place. I posted about my one meal here where we tried at least half of the menu, possibly more. Everything was just so so.

          1. re: Peter Cuce

            In total agreement. I really wanted to like this place but it is totally mediocre apart from the chinese sausage/sticky rice dish.

            1. re: Peter Cuce

              Have to agree too. Cheaper meals with more or less the same ingredients can be had a couple blocks away in chinatown.

          2. Edamame, whole fish special if one is offered.

            1. For Filipino food, I like Cendrillon better, especially their merienda (snacks). Tried kuma-inn some time back and wasn't really impressed. I think we had some pork bbq and they were really dry.