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Jul 18, 2007 10:23 AM

Triangle Taco Trucks

The Indy does a wonderful profile this week of the El Corral Taco trucks, which can be found in eastern Raleigh. Got me craving real tacos (al pastor mmmmmmm!). So where else in the area are there good taco trucks? I've heard rumors of ones in Carrboro, but I want details of exactly when and where. Help me find them all.

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  1. Durham is full of them. I used to go to Esperanza on Hillsborough quite a bit. It's opposite Wimpy's, near the ABC.

    To be honest, though, I've found the taquerias are generally a bit better than the trucks. Search the board for lots of mentions of those. Super and Lopez are my favs.

    1. There are 3 in Carrboro, AFAIK. One sets up in the little gravel lot next to Cliff's Meat Market, one sets up in the Fitch Lumber parking lot, and one sets up at the bait shop out on Main St. on the way out towards the post office/Carrboro Plaza.

      I've never been entirely clear of the days/hours of any of those, but I think the Fitch is like Tue-Thu & then Sun, whereas the Cliff's is there on weekend nights, as well as some weeknights.

      None of them rise above the sort of baseline "crusty meat on the griddle in a corn tortilla" model, although the tamales from Fitch aren't bad. As termite said, I'd rather hit a taqueria. The late-night hours & ease of access are the main draws of the taco trucks I've been to.

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        the Fitch truck used to be Wed-Sat, 6-midnight but I haven't been over there at those times in a few months.

      2. "La Vaquita" is in between a taqueria and a taco truck and is scrumptious, although a bit slow. They also have good sopes and tortas. It is on Chapel Hill Road in Durham. It's easy to spot after taking a right from Anderson because it has a cow on its roof!

        1. I don't know if it technically counts as the Triangle, but the one at the Buckhorn fleamarket on Saturday and Sunday (Taquito d'Oro, I think it's called--it's the one on the left as you're heading toward the parking lot, and always has a massive line, whereas the other one has none at all) is absolutely fantastic. Amazing conzome de borrego (which is not a consome at all, but more like an all-lamb pozole), great tacos (tortillas made to order...), and really really good horchata. Totally righteous. Buckhorn is off 85 between H'boro and Mebane.

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            I think buckhorn is officially dead now :(

            but i think the wagon still sets up on a gravel lot across the way....that is, until they run them out on a rail too, to make way for whatever crap they'll be building there

          2. As a Durham resident, it's been tough to find a reliable taco truck to visit when midnight hunger pangs strike. It seems that two I've seen along Hillsborough late night in the past few months have folded. The most consistently available truck is the one Taqueria Lopez runs in the parking lot of Shell on Hillsborough. They seem to be open all days of the week, late at night -- possibly til' 2 am? I recommend their chorizo and campechanas (chorizo + beef). Their tacos are a little more expensive than most local taquerias at $2 per, but they give you a side of grilled onions and a serrano pepper.

            Tonight, however, we found an even better taco BUS across the street in the parking lot of the Mexican night club. Yes, it's a schoolbus painted a brilliant red with the name "Taqueria Rubio." Their prices and offerings are similar to Lopez. We ordered three tacos for $2 apiece with a side of onions and a pepper. The meats chosen were pastor, barbacoa, and cabeza. The pastor and barbacoa were outstanding -- perfectly juicy, dripping with flavor. The pastor imparted a unique, subtly sweet taste. Perhaps it had minced pineapple in it? The cabeza was a little leaner, and not as flavorful. I think I'll stick to the others next time. Big plus: they double their tortillas, and they have great salsas as well. The roja was especially smoky. These might be my favorite tacos in Durham outside Los Comales. I hope to try their other offerings at a later time -- tortas and quesadillas. The ladies who run the bus don't speak English, but informed us that they're open from 7 pm to 3 am all days of the week except Tuesday. I hope they last!

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              Location? "the Mexican night club" is a little vague.

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                Yikes -- I'm bad with remembering precise locations, but if you're starting from Taqueria Lopez' truck, it's in the direction of Locopops -- just a half minute's drive, if even that. The night club is in a tiny strip mall. I imagine the bus would be hard to miss if you're driving down Hillsborough at those hours.

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                  I live pretty much right there, and I think I know what you're talking about. It's like a dance hall that specializes in Latin dance. Will check it.

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                    So I went to the Taqueria Rubia(o?) last night at about 11. It was pretty solid. I can't confirm that there's pineapple in the pastor, but it is distinctly sweet. Quite interesting. Barbacoa taco wasn't as good as it La Vaq, but had a nice note of cinnamon. Tried to get a chorizo taco, but they were out so went with the owner's recommendation of an azada taco. It was the weakest of the bunch.

                    Tacos are $2, but they don't charge tax, so that saves a few cents. English was fine and the woman, who I presume was the owner, was quite friendly. Her sister runs Taqueria Lopez.

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                  oh wow! i cant ever find a place that does the pineapple on their pastor anymore! its the most authentic way!

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                    The new place in Raleigh across from the New Hope Wal-Mart on Ronald Drive does pineapple on the pastor. It makes such a big difference. I'm sure I'll mangle the name but it's something like Fonda y Birriera Jalisco. Homemade chorizo, too.