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Jul 18, 2007 10:22 AM

Cheap seafood around Manzanita/Rockaway Beach

Any recommendations for good seafood, fish/crab/shrimp sandwiches around Manzanita or Rockaway Beach? I like beach/fish shack type places rather than fine dining. Thanks!

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  1. The seafood store and restaurant (with big inflatable crab on roof) in Manzanita is perfectly nice - I really like their fish and chips. The Sand Dune tavern serves a nice fish and chips too. Also, the Big Wave right on 101 is pretty good. In Rockaway, the smoked salmon shack - forgot her name, maybe Wanda's? Serves up terrific smoked fish.

    1. It is so very worth it to drive down to Pacific Oyster in Bay City (just south of Garibaldi on 101). Great oyster stew, raw/shooters, oyster burgers, mixed salad hidden under a ginormous mound of crab.

      Ecola Seafood in Cannon Beach is closer and another good choice.

      Jetty Fishery is just south of Wheeler on 101 (on the way to Rockaway). I know they do crab, don't know about anything else.

      These are the best shacks/joints in the area, IMO.

      I think Karla's Smokehouse is the place in Rockaway: 2010 Hwy 101. (503)-355-2362

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        Thanks so much for the recs, Michael and Jill!

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          Karla's is outstanding, a local fixture for 40 years. Really knows her stuff with smoking seafood. In north Rockaway, just north of Lake Lytle. Probably closed Mondays.

      2. The jetty fishery, between Nehalem and Rockaway is a great place to get fresh boiled dungeness crab and oysters..... rustic like a crab shack should be.

        Can't get any fresher seafood, plus the owner is wonderful.

        The smoked seafood plate at that brewery in Cannon Beach is pretty awesome, if you liked smoked foods. Smoked scallops are a real surprise.

        1. Yes, Karla's is the place I was referring to (not Wanda's). Also, Jetty Fishery can be fun, but understand that it's a working marina, so it's pretty grimy. However, that said, if you order a crab from the tank, they'll boil it right there for you. You can eat it there with a beer, or take it back to your place and eat. It's not bargain priced, but it doesn't get fresher!