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Jul 18, 2007 10:19 AM

Need suggestions for Rehearsal dinner in Coral Gables/Coconut Grove

I'm getting married at the Biltmore hotel and am looking for a place that holds 150-200 for the rehearsal dinner the night before. I'm not from the area-so any suggestions would be great!!!

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  1. Maybe Chispa in Coral Gables can fit in the bill?

    1. Back room at Graziano's in Coral Gables. Perfect.

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          sorry, that room cannot remotely hold 150 to 200. I'm having my reception at Graziano's and the back room holds 60 to 70 people.

      1. I am extremely familiar with all of the resturants in the area with regard to seating capacity as I have planned many events in the area... You might have difficulty finding a restaurant in the Gables that will seat that many people. Here are some to try:

        1. St. Michele- This is a hotel on Ponce with lovely ambiance and very good food and affordable pre-fix menu prices. I held an event with 50 people there last year. You may be able to reserve the entire restaurant to hold your guests.

        2. The Globe Cafe ahs a gorgeous room I believe called the black or white room or something...I think the space may be way too small but I do not recall. I do know they have a sit down dinner menu option for that room

        3. I know you said the Gables, but the Rusty Pelican on Key Biscayne could definitely accomodate your group, has a decent menu and absolutely breathtaking views of the Miami skyline. It is only a 10 minute drive from the edge of the gables.

        4. I agree with the others about the backroom at Grazianos being large probably will work

        5. Ritz Carlton Coconut Grove- They will have the space to accomodate you but you will not get the restaurant feelt that you probably want.

        6. Would you consider having a catered dinner at a venue like the Venetian pool, butterfly gardens, Fairchild Tropical Gardens, etc. I don't know when your event is...if it is summer forget it becaue of the rain but other times during the year you could have a really lovely event with something very Miami like Paella.

        7. You may be able to negotiate space at Monty's in the grove. I have heard of some people doing that but I am not sure it that is the kind of setting that you want.

        One last bit of advice. The gables and the grove have smaller restaurants with smaller spaces so you may find it difficult to find a space that can accomodate such a large guest list. You may want to think outside of the box (ie the suggestions above) or consider locations close to Coral Gables, like downtown or Brickell. There are a lot of places downtown and brickell that could accomodate larger groups banker's club and capital grill come to mind as well as Porcao. You could also host your dinner at the Biltmore. They have lovely ground and you could have a nice barbecue on the grounds or dinner in the Palm D'or Restaurant.Good Luck!

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          Thanks so much for these suggestions! they're great. I'm in Florida now-so will check them out over the weekend.

        2. Ten years ago I attended a "destination" wedding at the Biltmore Hotel. While I didn't take a head count, I would estimate there were at least 150 people staying at the hotel and attending the rehearsal dinner on Friday night. The couple chartered a three story boat for a sunset cruise on the IW. They served a wonderful buffet provided by a local caterer. The bride had family from South America and France. One deck had a Latin band...another deck featured a band playing soft rock standards. We were transported by chartered buses.

          It was a lovely evening. Let me just say that the "Latin" deck was by far the most fun. While there was a huge language barrier, it did not get in the way of the dancing and joy. By the end of the evening most of the "under 50" crowd were arm in arm in some sort of line dance.

          1. Congratulations!!! I was married at the the Biltmore and we did a beautiful rehearsal dinner at the Biltmore (in a different area from the actual wedding). The food was great. You should look into it especially since you ahve so many people