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Jul 18, 2007 10:19 AM

Surpise Dinner party for 40 people in NYC..ideas?

Any one have any suggestions for restaurants suitable for throwing a 60th suprise party for about 40 guests sometime this fall? I live in midtown, so I usually focus my searches for this area, but I am open to all suggestions...

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  1. Nicole's on 60th between 5th and Madison has a fantastic space (where my company hosted our holiday party). Their food and drinks are great.

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    1. re: LeahBaila

      That place is incredible - thought they were only open for lunch? I guess not if you rent the whole thing

      1. re: Jel212

        Yes, they do special events in the evening...and it's actually pretty reasonable!! Ask for Oscar!

    2. Beacon at 25 West 56th Street has lots of space to hold private events. The food and drinks are stellar. I've been very happy with special events here.

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      1. re: ChefJune

        Try Crispo's in Chelsea.
        Also try Positano's around 47 & 48th & 2nd Ave.

      2. I did a surprise party for a group around this size at Blue Water Grill in the Vault Room downstairs. They can even hook up your iPod if you want to create your own playlist for the event.

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          COMPASS in west 70s is the spot for a party of this size---a beautiful, jewel-like private room, terrific food, and freebie baked goods to take home for morning breakfast....

        2. For a 60th in midtown, The Four Seasons in the Seagram Building. Amazing space, reliable food:

          1. I had a really nice party at Grace in Tribeca
            Very nice food and stellar drinks. Very comfortable room. Couldn't have been treated better.