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Jul 18, 2007 10:08 AM

(SEA) Made in Kitchen

I've been meaning to try this attractive looking place, but haven't yet. How is it? Does it compare to Monsoon?

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  1. Did you read the review in either the Times or PI a couple weeks ago? It doesn't sound as upscale as Monsoon, but it got a great review.

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    1. This place is a great find and it is well worth checking out if you haven't been there. Maybe not as upscale as Monsoon but not as pricey either.

      1. I had a very promising visit to Made in Kitchen today. The space was nice-big, bright and airy. I had great service--fast, and a very motherly waitress who recommended lunch favorites like the imperial rolls, the lemongrass pork and the kitchen combo and who talked me out of ordering too much food for one person, because what I wanted wouldn't be good as leftovers, she said. So I only ended up ordering only the glass noodles with dungeness crab; I could tell she didn't think I made the best choice, and while it was good it would have been better if I was with a group and that was a shared dish (it got kind of old eating just that after a while). I will definitely be back to try other things-I love Green Leaf but am so tired of always waiting for a table, and Made in Kitchen's menu has some delicious sounding items that I haven't seen elsewhere.

        Oh, and there's a coupon for a free papaya salad on the citysearch page

        1. My first visit was also promising. Shrimp salad rolls were very fresh and delicious and the accompanying peanut sauce was excellent. The black nd white tofu was perfectly fried and was tasty when dipped in the generous serving of fish sauce provided us. The hit of the evening was hainam chicken (aka hainanese chicken rice). I have had this dish many times in Singapore and Malaysia and have never had a good version in this country--our chicken just doesn't seem to taste as good. Made in Kitchen's version was the best I've had outside of SE Asia. Unlike the Singaporean/Malaysian version, whifch is served with a chile sauce and ginger sauce, this was served with just the ginger sauce. The accompanying rice, boiled in chicken broth, was delicious. I look forward to returning and checking out other items on the menu.

          1. My dinner visit was less successful than my lunch. I'd still encourage people to try this place if they are curious and want to try some new Vietnamese, but Green Leaf remains my favorite. We got their at 5 for an early dinner but the waitstaff was late, so a man (the manager? cook?) told us we'd have to wait until they showed up (it took about a half hour). After they finally took our orders the food took ages to come, and the appetizers came at the same time as the entrees. The imperial rolls weren't as good as I thought they'd be-they had crab and shrimp but they were kind of bland. We got rice noodle platter type dinners-similar to rice noodle bowls but nicely arranged on a big plate. Those were good, similar in quality to both Tamarind Tree and Green Leaf. They do have some things on the menu I'd still like to try, so I'll probably come here again, but I think it will be when I'm craving Vietnamese and Green Leaf has a long wait (it's only 3 blocks south).