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Jul 18, 2007 10:05 AM

Al di la? Opinions & Good Night to Go?

Is Al di la in Park Slope really as amazing as every says it is? Not that I'm a perpetual cynic... It's just that after a while a restaurant can get overconfident or sloppy.

I'm looking to go to a nice place in the area on an upcoming weekend night. For Al di la, is it best to try to get a table on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday night? Suggested times would be appreciated.

Also, it would be nice to know how much people generally pay to eat there, not including wine and tip. Thanks so much!

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  1. Yes, it's as good as they say. Consistently awesome.

    Sunday's a bit better than the other two. I always go at 5:15 and snag the first seating. I've always been successful.

    Go to to get the menu w/prices. I'd say without wine and tip you're looking at $35-45 pp.

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      They open at 5:00 on Sunday, don't they?
      And yes, go.

    2. We usually go late on Friday nights, 9-ish, put our names in and settle in at the wine bar. There's always a table by the time we finish our first glass, usually sooner. Food is fantastic and I've discovered a lot of great wines by the glass here (try the zwiegelt with the duck).

      When we last went a couple of weeks ago, we spent $120 for 2, all in (2 apps, 2 entrees, 4 glasses of wine, no dessert). Sorry can't remember what the pre-wine and tip total was.

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        I went 2 Saturdays ago on a whim. Got in the line outside at 5:20 and was in the first seating 10 minutes later, no problem. And yes, the food was DELICIOUS and affordable.

      2. Yes, it is as amazing as everyone says. And it’s amazing because they keep it simple and don’t try to cover every single aspect of Italian cuisine. There’s a handful of apps, a few entrées and sides and a couple dessert choices. They’re not reinventing the wheel so they focus on making their few choices as good as possible. And when Anna is in the kitchen it’s always very good.
        If you can’t make the first seating you can give them your cell # and they will call you when your table is ready. They built the wine bar as a place to hold the folks who were waiting but there are a ton of places on 5th Ave where you can get a cocktail.
        The only negative I have is that their menu has pretty much remained unchanged since they opened. It’s only because I live so close and go there so often that this lack of variety is even noticeable. But I guess it’s like saying a Ferrari isn’t a good sports car because they only seem to come in red.

        1. They have been consistently on top of their game. I have never had a disappointing meal there. I go at 6:00 PM during the week. I believe they are closed on Tuesday.

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