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Jul 18, 2007 09:41 AM

Good food in Breckenridge, CO?

My husband has just booked us a room in Breck for our anniversary, any really good recommendations? I'm not so concerned about price, I just want really, really good food.

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  1. Hi ijack :)
    It's coloradogirl26! I went to Hearthstone about 3 years ago and it was very good.

    I can also give you one to RUN AWAY FROM - Mi Casa. All I can say is Casa Bonita is better than Mi Casa. ICK.

    Have fun! :)

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      There have been several Breckenridge/Summit County threads before. Type "Breckenridge" in the search box, and they'll come up. To those I would add Food Hedz, tucked between WalMart and Safeway in Frisco (just up the road from Breck). David Welch, the owner/chef, used to be at Keystone Ranch (the winter incarnation of the golf clubhouse), which is very good and very expensive. Food Hedz is very good, informal and very non-pricey.

      1. re: Heyteacher

        I am not real familiar with eateries in Summit County but I can definitely agree with this statement. Mi Casa may possibly be the worst "mexican" food I've ever had although I so far avoided Casa Bonita so I can't compare those. I went one night at the urging of other coaches and that's definitely an hour I wish I could have back! I think stopping at McDonalds would have been a better choice.

      2. I just visited Summit County July 15-18 and returned to 3 restaurants visited the previous summer. The Cellar in Breckenridge and Samplings in Frisco are owned by the same people and offer similar "small plate" menus plus a good wine selection. They're both first rate...each with a different decor and vibe to them.
        Dinner at Blue River Bistro was also very good. I went to Hearthstone last summer but it didn't "make the cut" on this shorter trip. Still, a good choice though.
        Finally, lunch on the second floor deck at Relish was good as was breakfast at the Columbine Cafe.

        1. breck: cafe alpine, relish, top of the world, cellar

          keystone: ski tip, the ranch, alpenglow stube

          1. We had a great meal at Alpine Cafe in Breck. Nearby, in Frisco there was pretty good pizza at Jersey Boys and good breakfast at Sunshine Cafe.

            1. I echo Samplings in Frisco which is about a 15 min drive on Highway 9 from Breck, (great setting and small plates) Blue River Bistro (the patio is wonderful), their brunch is very good!