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Awful dinner at Eat Well on Beverly

I just wanted to post a quick note to warn anyone considering the dinner menu that's recently been added at Eat Well on Beverly. My bf and I went for dinner last night as we wanted a low key restaurant in our neighborhood where we could eat outdoors with our puppy. The waiter was great the service was wonderful and the food was entirely awful. I had salmon on vegetables (over done and underseasoned) but it was my bf's entree that prompted this post. He ordered a half roasted chicken that had obviously been either boiled or microwaved because no roasting process would have produced the rubbery and oddly translucent skin on his chicken. It was truly inedible and he barely touched it. Keep in mind that we didn't arrive with lofty epicurean expectations, we just wanted a basic and relatively tasty meal. What stung more was that before our tip (which was 20% because the guy waiting on us was so nice and wasn't responsible for the bad food) the bill came to $51. I can think of so many better ways to drop $51. Sigh...

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  1. So I guess you could call it the dog's dinner?

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      Ha! He's too little for people food yet or else we'd totally have sent it down to his sidewalk spot. Instead we just called it a loss and filled up on froyo at Toppers on the way home.

    2. Wow, you got rubbery chicken skin for a bill that high and didn't say anything?

      1. Don't mean to throw more fuel to the fire, but I have always had, at best, mediocre meals at the WeHo, Silverlake, and Glendale locales. One meal at Glendale that was pretty atrocious. But many of my pals dote on this place, so I occasionally will go with my heals dragging ever so slightly. I have yet to understand the fuss and the demand that has allowed the business to blossom.

        1. Is Eatwell now considered a chain?

          Looking back I see that I was grumbling about Eatwell's apparent inability to do "basic diner" food consistently right back in 2002 or so, (before I had a snappy screen-name, and when Chowhound still looked like it was printed on a mimeo machine). Is the only reason people prefer it to Denny's or Mimi's really the thin patina of hipitude?


          1. eatwell is satisfactory for breakfast only. & even then, reserved for those pounding hangover mornings.


            1. That's funny that you had such a bad experience with the food. I went there not expecting anything but hamburgers and was pleasantly surpised. Even more surprising was the simple and inexpensive but good wine list.

              I didn't notice any expensive menu items, maybe a couple of glasses of wine? Parking at night is sort of an issue but that's pretty much all of Beverly.

              1. After waiting thirty minutes for menus at the WeHo location, I officially gave up on the Eat Wells. It's my understanding that each is now operated by different owners. The law of averages would say that one of them would have to be good, but that's not been my experience. When I want good diner, I head out to Fred 62 or Swingers.

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                  I completely agree with the Swingers rec; the first time I went there I wasn't expecting much of anything and I was very happy with their basics. And although our bill was high, we had a fish entree, a roasted chicken entree, an iced tea and a $7 glass of wine. that's it. I could have had the same meal but much much much better at BLD for nearly the same price. I'm happy to have just learned my lesson and from now on I'll stay away. I just wanted to pass the word along to anyone who'd rather not blow $50 on an inedible dinner.

                2. I have never had a really good meal at Eat Well. And though I recently moved away from the area, I recall there being so many other really good (and reasonably priced) places around: Authentic Cafe, Marix, Gardens of Taxco, Le Petit Bistro, etc. I decided it was not worth trying (again) to let them please me.