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Jul 18, 2007 09:26 AM

Meeting Friend SJ area -- need Steak and Seafood Place

She loves fish, I love steak -- something not TOO costly, but maybe moderately priced, nice booths, ambience, upbeat, lively -- good fresh seafood and amazing steaks? Please give us ideas. She suggested Scotts -- but I didnt see much except for broiled fish on that menu. Ideas please? San Jose is good or a suburb. this is for Saturday night. So something not dead but lively but great food!

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  1. I know this is not what you were picturing, but I must say that the French Style Butter Steak (listed under "Rice Plates") at Vung Tau is so good, it trumps any steakhouse I've been to in the area. And my husband loves all their seafood. In other words, it may be a Vietnamese restaurant, but I think you could actually get what you're looking for there as long as you don't want baked potato and all that.

    1. Don't know about your driving & $$$ requirments but Sundance in Palo Alto would fit the bill otherwise. Good steaks, good prime rib, and surprisingly good fish ... have a look:

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        I live a couple of blocks from Sundance, and I second the recommendation. Although I've lived in Palo Alto 25 years, I had never eaten there until last year. The steaks and prime rib are outstanding, as are the seafood choices. The restaurant has kept up with the times and offers both the classics and the nouveau. Good martinis and wine selection too.

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          thx you guys! i think she wants to try AP Stumps. if not that, we're gonna go to Sundance!