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Jul 18, 2007 09:09 AM

Breakfast and dinner in Charlotte, Savannah and Charleston

Im about to embark on a roadtrip to Charlotte, Savannah, GA, Charleston, and Myrtle Beach. Im traveling with my boyfriend and we are looking for moderately priced good food. He is a chef and is picky, but not into high dollar places. Can anyone recommend a good breakfast or dinner in any of these cities or on the route?

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  1. I ate lunch at Mert's in downtown Charlotte about a month ago and it was great! Soul food/southern home cooking. Fried chicken was outstanding, and the collards top notch. They don't do weekday breakfast but they do weekend brunch.

    Mert's Heart & Soul
    214 N College St, Charlotte - (704) 342-4222

    1. Charleston Breakfast: Rutledge Coffee & Cream. Great coffee, house-made yogurt, good hippy food.

      Charleston Dinner: Five Loaves. Soup, sandwich, salad shop. Always creative, good cheap wine, more traditional entree selections at night.

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        For breakfast in Savannah, try Clary's. It's about as interesting as there is in Savannah. Breakfast is not that big of a deal there.

        Moderately priced dinners in Savannah, try Kao in Thunderbolt or King and I in Midtown (viet/Thai), or Flying Fish on Wilmington Island

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          Another breakfast place is Manny's (formerly known as Pete's). It's on habersham and 36th St. A local institution, some might call it a dive. Manny and his wife yell at each other, it's always fun. On the side of the building it says best ham in town, and it really is. The grilled ham and cheese sandwich is A1.