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Nashville Dinner for 14

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My family is headed to Nashville this weekend. We had thought that our trip was not going to happen, so we are late in making dinner reservations. Can anyone recommend a nice restaurant for dinner on Friday that accommodate this size of group?


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  1. Monell's. Southern food as it should be served.

    1. I did a quick Open Table check for 7 p.m. on Friday and a couple of the restaurants (Radius10, Watermark) I would recommend are booked. Sunset Grill does a very good job with large parties, and I have been at its sister restaurant Midtown Cafe when they have handled a table of 12 (pretty remarkable feat for a relatively small room). You may try Park Cafe or Zola, both in the midtown area not far from the Vanderbilt campus. If it's not booked, Park Cafe has a small room that can handle your party, and the food/service is excellent.

      1. The Trace in Hillsboro Village, or Acorn, just off of West End. They have a great upper floor patio.