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Jul 18, 2007 09:06 AM

Malibu casual Sunday breakfast (not brunch)

Hi... looking for recommendations for good food (view isn't important) and family-friendly (i.e., our twin 2 year olds will be welcome) in Malibu area. Only things I've found so far on this board are Paradise Cove and Coogie's. We will most likely be going to Leo Carrillo State Park afterward (35000 PCH). Thanks...

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  1. Sunset and PCH for Gladstone's. Open for breakfast at 8 am.

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    1. re: Servorg

      Thanks for the quick reply... that is a little too South for us. Any recommendations for something a little more North along PCH or in Malibu?

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          Supposedly there is a place in Point Dume Plaza called Lilly's Cafe. I have not been there and don't have a phone for you. There is also a Marmalade Cafe in Cross Creek that would probably suffice.

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            Maybe there was a Lilly's Cafe at one time, but I can't find any current information on it so it may be long gone.

            3894 So. Cross Creek Rd. 317-4242. Open 7 days 7:30 a.m.

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              Coogies Beach Cafe

              23755 Malibu Road Suite 100, Malibu, CA 90265
              (310) 317-1444

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                Coogies would have been my first recommendation but the OP already mentioned it in his first post, (along with Paradise Cove).

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                  Servorg--I did notice that it was mentioned, but just wanted to confirm my recent experience with my toddler. I am somewhat familiar with Malibu and as I far as I know there aren't many restaurants near Leo Carrillo State Beach that serve breakfast.

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                Lilly's Cafe is still in Point Dume Plaza. They're breakfast burritos are fantastic but there is no atmosphere to speak of. Paradise Cove Beach cafe has very average food, although breakfast has always been better than lunch or dinner and it's right on the sand in beautiful Paradise Cove. It's always nice to take a walk along the beach afterward. There's also Marmalade at Cross Creek. In the Malibu Country Mart, on Cross Creek Rd is Howdy's. They have a breakfast burrito as well and you can eat in the little park there, which your kids will enjoy.

        2. I've taken my toddler to Coogie's with good results. The server knew that the service needed to be speedy to accommodate a toddler's short attention span. We were out of there before my son didn't want to sit any longer. They have an extensive menu.

          Coogies Beach Cafe
          23755 Malibu Rd, Malibu, CA 90265

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          1. re: chowhound chloe

            Thanks Chowhound Chloe... helps to have perspective from someone with a toddler. How's the food? I tried to find a website for them to see the menu but haven't had any luck finding one yet. I'm inclined to avoid Marmalade because isn't it a chain? I'd rather try to find an independent place if possible. For reference we've gone to Cafe Vida in Pacific Palisades and have been very happy each time - sadly though it is out of the way for us for a Malibu beach day.

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                Oh Servorg, you are the best... thank you very much!

                1. re: burbankfoodie

                  The food at Coogie's is good. The ingredients are fresh and meals are healthy. This is not a greasy spoon. You can choose to eat on their small patio. The restaurant is located in the Ralph's shopping center, but this is the nicest Ralph's shopping center I have ever seen.

                  An added bonus is that you may spot a celebrity. I've seen Pierce Brosnan there.

                  1. re: chowhound chloe

                    Thanks, Chowhound Chloe, I think we will give it a try. One other quick question for you - how's the Malibu Kitchen & Gourmet market for take out sandwiches? Their sweets look good. Is it pretty crowded at lunchtime on a weekend? Thanks again...

                    1. re: burbankfoodie

                      Malibu kitchen? If you don't mind the extremely rude owners and employees, the sandwiches can be pretty good, although I have not been in a long time due to the rudeness factor.

                      1. re: budlit

                        I've never experienced any rudeness at Malibu Kitchen. Their pulled pork sandwiches are delicious! Another option for sandwiches is John's Garden across the street. They are so close to each other you could really check out both menus and decide. I do love the little park by John's. It's perfectly sized for toddlers.

              2. re: burbankfoodie

                you are right in avoiding Marmalade

              1. You'll have the best experience at Paradise Cove.

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                  Ahh, my favorite beach!!! Neptune's Net at Ventura County Line isn't exactly a breakfast place but they are open at 10:30am on weekdays and 10am on weekends. At the very least it is a scene and I love the fried clams.

                  1. re: Fru

                    Neptune's Net is good for seafood, but I'm not sure about kid-friendly unless you bring food for them.

                    Love Coogie's and Paradise Cove is alright; Marmalade while certainly not the best, is good for families as the staff is used to accommodating that type of party.

                2. I'd recommend Kay N Dave's right in the heart of Pacific Palisades on Sunset Blvd.
                  It's incredibly kid-friendly. You'll be greeted with drawings all over their walls when you walk in.
                  The omelets are great, coffee is excellent and there's a great selection of breakfast foods, all of them great.
                  Here's the link to the Palisades location: