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Lunch with vegetarian teen near Georgetown U?

As part of our college shopping tour, we're visiting Georgetown University on Saturday. Are there any good places nearby with vegetarian friendly (but not necessarily completely vegetarian) menus within close walking distance?

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  1. Amma's Vegetarian Kitchen is Indian. Good, fun, cheap. Very good fritters, wonderful green sauce, easy on the heat, but with a nice oniony aftertaste.

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      Thanks! Do you have an address for it, or just the street?

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        M Street (nearly across the street from pizza paradiso, which is also good, as noted below)

    2. there is a pizza paradiso there as well, and i think they open the windows nice and wide in nice weather, which is a fun place to eat and people watch.

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        Have you had good experiences there? The reviews on the washingtonpost.com city guide for it are awful!

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          I like pizza paradisio a lot. Not quite as much as 2Amy's for thin crust pizza, but it is definitely not awful. I think you would really enjoy it. I don't trust city guides...

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            I like 2 Amys, but I went to the Paradiso in Dupont and it was decent and tasty.

            But if you think it'll be awful, don't go there.

            I'm generally not a fan of Ammas...but it will fit the bill

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              Pizzeria Paradiso is very good. I'm a repeat customer and the pizza's are great.

          2. An Italian restaurant with great pasta might be something you and your teen might enjoy. Filomena serves lunch....and make sure to save room for their delicious and HUGE desserts.

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              Btw...here is the link to the website with a menu: http://www.filomenadc.com/

              Might want to check it out first to make sure its what you want. Their gnocchi (and any stuffed pasta) is wonderful. And I'm sure you can get it with a simple tomato sauce...or any other non-meat sauce that they offer like alfredo or pesto.

            2. Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions. Most of these places seem to be centered around M street. Are they an easy walk from the campus? My dad will be with us and I'm not sure how much walking he'll be up for after the tour.

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                Georgetown is really hilly, so if you have a person who's not a great walker you might want to take your chances at the Tombs, which is on the corner of 36th and Prospect Streets. It's a very, very Georgetown place, and has good food, but not tons of vegetarian options. I imagine your daughter would find a pasta she could eat though, and there's a good portobello sandwich.

                For a teen and a mom, all the other places are walkable. Adding a grandparent to the mix, I'm not so sure.

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                  Hmmm I can't imagine someone who doesn't walk well trying to get down into or up out of the Tombs. And certainly not a good idea at night when this turns into the Georgetown frat house. Perhaps 1789 which is right there might be a better fit. I am sure they have to have something without meat. There are always taxis at campus the best thing to do might just be to get a taxi down the street as the sidewalks are not good and it is a long walk. I am sure if your daughter is touring the area she will probably want to see M St. as it is the big area of Georgetown anyway.

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                    You should go online if you are going to go to 1789 and download their special certificate. http://www.1789restaurant.com/main/in...

                    They are running a special where everyone can eat for $36 a 3-course meal. I believe its their entire menu. But this is only an option for dinner...they are not open for lunch according to their website. The only vegeterian option on the main courses is a lasgna. But if you call ahead the chef might be able to put something together for your daughter. It is one of the finer establishments in town. But its much fancier then the other places recommended.

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                      Good point -- there is a long flight of stairs down to the Tombs. It's a bit steep, but I would think if the grandfather is going to walk through the tour, he's agile enough to brave the Tombs steps. But a walk all the way down to M Street might be a hike, especially in the July heat.

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                    I can usually walk from the campus to all of these spots...its mostly down hill. But depending on how old your father is and how far he can walk you might want to consider grabbing a taxi...which won't be anymore then $5 since these spots are right down the street.

                    There aren't a whole lot of options right directly on campus. So you'll have to walk a little bit.

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                      Taxis have gottene expensive for those of us who rely on them to get to all the restaurants we love to discuss here on chowhound. Currently, to go to a restaurant within your zone, the fare for daughter, Mom and Grandad will be $6.50 base fare plus $1.50 for each extra person ($3 total) which adds to 9.50; and another $1 if it's rush hour. So the fare for this party might be as much as 10.50. I just don't want visitors who dine at DC's finest restaurants to have taxi sticker shock.

                  3. For a decent, easy walking-distance lunch (specialty sandwiches) with a Georgetown flavor, try Booeymonger's on Prospect Street. A Hoya tradition.

                    Booeymonger Restaurant
                    3265 Prospect St NW, Washington, DC 20007

                    1. At this point I think our top 3 contenders are The Tombs, Booeymonger, and Pizzeria Paradiso. That way we can start walking and stop when we get tired or hot. Or if one is too crowded, move on to the next. No problem with the steps for my dad, and the longer walk might not be a problem either. Thanks for all your help.

                      1. Well, we did end up having lunch at Pizzeria Paradiso after all. My daughter liked the looks of the menu, which I had gotten online. She nixed the Tombs because she thought it might not have anything for her to eat. We ended up driving to lunch, though. My father wasn't up for the walk after the campus tour. Anyway, our lunch at Pizzeria Paradiso was really quite nice. We ended up sitting downstairs in the Bierreria (or whatever they call it) so we didn't get to enjoy the open windows on the lovely day. But the wait was only about 15 minutes on a crowded Saturday afternoon and the service was really quite quick. All of the service people were very pleasant, too. The three of us split up a roasted vegetable pannini and a pizza bosca (with tomatoes, spinach, red onion, mozzarella). We all enjoyed the food. I particularly liked the sliced pickled carrot that came with the pannini. It was a good lunch! Thanks for the suggestions.

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                          If your daughter becomes a Hoya '12 she will learn to love the Tombs as this is an institution. Hopefully she can stomach watching her friends eat a great burger. The onion soup was also a dinner staple for Jfood prior to class across the street.

                          Likewise Booey's, as jfood used to call it in the mid-70's was a great place for fantastic sandwiches. At that time everyone knew who the Patty Hearst sandwich was named after. Glad she enjoyed Gtown. It is still one of the greatest places in America to go to college. And now that jfood has done two "Steel Wheel Tours" with little jfoods, Gtown is still a very special place.

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                            Thanks! She did enjoy Gtown, but Brown is still her first choice. I think if the Tombs had had a menu online that she could look at ahead of time, we might have gone there. But she didn't know what choices she'd have. At Pizzeria Paradiso she knew she'd have lots of options. She did look at Booey's menu, but they only had 2 or 3 veg sandwiches.

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                              It's sort of beside the point now, but the Tombs does have an online menu:


                              Glad you enjoyed Georgetown! If she ends up at Brown, you'll have to be our point person in Providence.

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                                Thanks! I had no idea it was part of the Clyde's group. There were a couple of things on the menu she could have eaten, but she was very happy with her decision of Pizzeria Paradiso.

                                As for Providence, I can only say (at this point) that we had a lovely lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant right by the campus. They had an extensive vegetarian section of the menu and huge portions. I'm sorry I can't remember the name of it, but it was across from the bookstore, not on the main shopping/dining street.

                        2. Also if you are in the mood for vegetarian Chinese (they also have non-veggie) - try Harmony Cafe on M street. Across the street from Pizzeria Paradiso - next to Modern night club.

                          The Fried Tofu and Fried Mushroom appetizers are awesome :-)

                          Warning - service can be slow since it seems they only have 1 waitress / owner in the whole place.

                          EDIT: Sorry just saw you came on last Saturday. But keep this place in mind for future use if you guys should come back around this way.

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                            Thanks for the tip, but we actually had dinner at Yuan Fu in Rockville that night (best Chinese vegetarian we've ever had anywhere), so Chinese for lunch wasn't an option.