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Help me think of recs for friends staying near 11th st and 6th ave?

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We will be taking them out to dinner most nights, but they will be on their own for many breakfasts and lunchs. Help me think of suggestions from cheap to moderate priced. So far I have come up with Tisserie, Republic and the USQ Whole Foods. Any other suggestions?

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  1. Markt (21st and 6th)

    1. City Bakery (18th between 5th and 6th)!

      1. Stand (though a controversial choice for burgers) is good IMO, Otto can be inexpensive, esp for lunch, Marquet (12th near Univ.) has great sandwiches/salads...

        1. How about Murray's Bagels on Sixth Ave, or even Joe's Coffee for breakfast at Sixth and Waverly. People love the coffee and breakfast nibbles there.

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            Oooo! Good call!