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Jul 18, 2007 07:57 AM

Any suggestions for Stone Harbor/Avalon area

We are open for anything with good food, nice atmosphere, BYOB ok, upscale casual.

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  1. Our family spends a lot of time in Avalon/Stone Harbor and my husband and I try to get out often. Here are some of our favorites...
    Fish Tales- BYO in Stone Harbor (corner of 99th and Ocean Drive). This is such a great place. They have great fresh fish dishes and the owners and staff are so nice!
    Backyard- BYO in Stone Harbor (82nd St?) Pretty expensive, but worth it. The outside seating area is beautiful.
    Concord Cafe- 78th and Dune Drive- Casual.... good place to grab a sandwich or a pizza. Full bar. They also have a place called Marie Nicole's in Wildwood (forget exactly where, only went once) where we had a very good meal.
    Cafe Loren- BYO in Avalon. I haven't been in a few years, but I remember it being good.
    Princeton- Avalon... haven't been in this summer, but they did a major renovation and the menu looks decent.
    Whitebrier- Avalon Pretty good food... gets very crowded with a younger bar crowd.
    Karen and Rei's- BYO on Rt. 9 in Clermont. This has been on my list for awhile and just haven't gotten there yet. Everyone says it's terrific, but reservations need to be made well in advance.
    Sea Salt- BYO on Ocean Drive in Stone Harbor (at 82nd or 83rd Street). Very good... chef uses alot of local ingredients in pretty creative ways.
    Back Bay CrabCakes- Take out only next door to Sea Salt. Awesome crab cakes... you have to call and reserve the time you will pick up your order. Call early b/c you won't be able to get through.
    There are lots of other places, but these are the ones we go to most often.

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      Sea Salt got good reviews from Philly Inq. Cafe Loren sounds great..Fish Tales.. can't wait to try these places. We been to Marie Nicoles in Wildwood..very good.
      Thanks again for your suggestions. Brian and Leo

    2. Mamma Mia in Seaview on Rt. 9 in the ACME shopping plaza has excellent thin crust wood burning oven pizza and a fabulous antipasta appetizer for two. The rest of the extensive Italian menu is supposed to be very good too but I haven't gotten to it yet. BYO. Also try the donuts at Kohler's Bakery in Avalon, especially the "creamers" and the sticky buns, both are excellent. You can get a good breakfast at the Pudgie Pelican in Avalon.

      1. From the greeting at the door until having to wait for the check (even though we wanted to run without paying) this place is a disgrace. I am shocked at some of the reviews I had read which compared this "restaurant" to Sea Salt or Cafe Loren. I am aware that shore dining is typically a let down and shouldn't be compared to restaurants in Philly, but $35 for a 4 oz piece of hacked sea bass (which I'm not sure was really sea bass) with rice was completely unacceptable. And to top it off they charged me an additional $3.50 for discolored green beans which appeared to be microwaved. My fellow diners food was a piece of tuna which looked as though it had spent some time next to me green beans in the microwave. Microwaves are for home kitchens..not restaurants.

        1. Avoid Fish Tales unless you like... dirty glassware, waiting for silverware while your "food" gets cold, dead flies in your plastic wine bucket, entrees served before your apps are cleared, cheap portions (all fish/meat cuts were obviously sliced in half), grocery store-bought "specials," poor/untrained staff... etc. The salad was good, but tiny. They managed to deliver every bad cliche of shore-dining & should be ashamed on so many levels... Don't let them steal your time or money.

          1. Yes Sea Salt is wonderful (see my seperate post).
            We also ate at Cafe Loren and a great meal - seafood bisque, rack of lamb (a giant rack, perfectly prepared), and veal topped with crab meat in a cream sauce (an amazing amount of delectable crabmeat in this one). We also had a warm macadamia nut tart (with a shortbread crust) and topped with bananas foster ice cream. My husband gretaly enjoyed the hazelnut coffee too.

            For breakfast, I recommend the buffet at the Golden Inn. For $12 it is a bountiful (all you care to eat), high quality breakfast including made to order waffles, eggs, omelets, with plenty of fresh fruit - coffee and juice included too. The dining room is very pretty with outdoor tables also.